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Seven Abilities, Almost Twenty Years


I have had psychic abilities since a very young age, younger then five I believe. I'm almost twenty now.

I have more then one ability.

I can feel the emotion and energy of any living thing as well as houses or objects that still have left over energy. If someone is feeling a negative emotion it hits me quite easily. Two years ago my dad was looking for a house, there were many articles about death and I had to get out of there fast.

I have visions when I sleep. They come true around 75% of the time or end up just being very similar.

I do see spirits quite often, they always act friendly towards me, the first time I saw one was when I was around five years old, my family was having a party and my friends and I went up to the attic to play and I saw her, she was around sixteen, so to a five year old that's pretty huge, I ran down screaming with my best friend, the rest of my friends couldn't see her. It turns out that the spirit created a portal to bring other ghosts to our house as well. I can't hear them and that frustrates me. I'm not quite sure why they choose to come to me, if they are asking for me to free them or what but I'd like some more information.

I can see shadows,demons,evil entities as well, they often scare me in the night. Sometimes they have faces, sometimes they don't, last night I couldn't get to sleep because there was a shadow, a pretty big one in the shape of a very tall, very thin man, he showed me pictures in my head of a man with an ax, a scruffy beard and very big eyes, then I felt this huge chunk of pain in my heart. He kept saying these terrible words and I couldn't really get away. I've also been grabbed by the ankle before and I woke up with a big scratch on my leg.

I can sometimes see aura's,it only really happens when I see someone get angry then their aura sort of shines threw them.

I have a very big connection with animals, I can sense what they need and feel easily. Sometimes I feel like I can understand them just by the look on their faces.

This past week I have felt like someone is holding me all of the time or they have a gentle hand on me,I'm wondering what it is exactly and I continue to hear "I love you Zoe, I love you Zoe" over and over again, it sounds like a familiar male voice to me.

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Beautyandthetrees (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-16)
Thank you Joni! Oh yes, I'll get right to that.
Yes. Thank you, I have been trying to meditate whenever I can but I know I should do it much more often. I will do that. Thank you.
Yup, it scares me quite a lot. Oh, I hope so, it's been pretty hard trying to understand this all on my own. I will do that, thanks so much.

JKing888, yes, I do see things on a daily basis, sometimes they are more spread out through time though. Like I'll see two spirits in one week or even three then I won't see any for the rest of the month.
Joni437 (guest)
11 years ago (2013-06-16)

For starters, I wish you would have your email posted to your account for us... I could better advise you that way, some things I wouldn't post here.

To help from a spiritual standpoint, there are many intervals where things can continue for you... Like 20 year intervals... You must meditate in every motion or move you make, your mind must be focused on love and understanding that everyone else's experience is not your own... Just to let those things go and give them to universe to handle... The better focused you are on your diet, cleansing from not eating meats and heavy foods the more your energy levels will elevate and you will become freer attach yourself to all the positive energies that are out there.

Some choose to react many ways, for example, some have created their own shadow person who can touch others, and yes that's just not fair if you ask me because it causes harm.

It sounds like to me, that you have a guide that is finally trying to come through especially from a loving standpoint, so that's really good you are in line for probaly the verbal communication because you are expressing the need for it.

Also to sheild yourself from any lower energies aka people shadow experiences, entities, etc... You should try the infamous psychic bubble exercise mentioned many places on the net. Meditating with this will help. And try to think 'No harm to none' because you only want pleasantries to boomerang back to you as well...can't lose that way.

Jking888 (2 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-16)
Are you seeing things on a daily basis? I have been experiencing paranormal type events since I was seven but it's not on a daily basis.

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