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My First Psychic Experience


I was 8 years old. Can you believe that? That's pretty young for my first experience. Well, it wasn't my first experience... There was also the time when I was 6 years old. I told my mother that I saw dark spots in her stomach. So she immediately made an appointment to have it checked out. Sure enough, there was a serious problem with her stomach!

Though that experience left the greatest impact on my family, the experience when I was 8 left the greatest impact at me and I treasure it as my "first" psychic experience.

Grandma Perlene...

I am from a small town called Lancaster, Ohio. This is also the city where my favorite grandma lived. My grandma's name was Perlene. We were very close and I feel very lucky to have had her as my grandma. She was my father's mother.

When I was younger, I spent almost every weekend at her house. And almost every weekend we would order our favorite food - pizza! My grandma loved pizza, and so did I! We always ordered it from a restaurant called Grilly's.

When the pizza arrived, grandma would put the pizza box on top of an old gas furnace to keep it hot. It was so delicious!

My Psychic Feelings...

It was a Saturday night and I still remember it vividly. It was cold and snowy outside and the ground was covered with over 8 of inches of snow and ice.

Grandma and I had just finished eating our pepperoni and cheese pizza.

We had the same weekly routine. After we ate, we would settle in to watch our favorite Saturday night TV shows.

I would put on my pajamas and get cozy on her big, overstuffed couch and grandma would get cozy in her old rocking chair.

I would always fall asleep on the sofa as we were watching TV - but on this particular night something very different happened.

A Little After Midnight...

At around 12:10 AM, I was suddenly awakened by a horrible feeling. I literally jumped off of the sofa and almost scared my poor grandma to death.

I had this overwhelming feeling that something very bad was going to happen to my mother! I immediately stood up and started pacing the floor.

"What's wrong?" grandma asked me. "Something is going to happen to mom! Something is going to happen to mom!" I kept repeating this over and over again as I paced the floor. "Please sit down, you are making me nervous with all of your pacing" said my grandma.

I asked her "Grandma, would you call dad and ask him if mom is okay..."

"But sweetheart" she said, "it's after midnight and they are sleeping'"

She smiled at me in her grandmotherly way and hugged me as she said "Honey, if anything had happened to your mother, I guarantee you that your father would have called us immediately..."

My grandma's gentle hug and her comforting words made me feel so much better.

Because inside I knew for sure that what grandma said was true. I knew for sure that my father would have called us if anything had happened to my mom.

So I calmed down and went back to sleep.

The Next Morning...

It was 7:00 AM and I woke up suddenly! That same horrible feeling came back again - something terrible has happened to mom!

My grandma was still sleeping as I rushed to the phone to call home.

Unfortunately, that phone call confirmed that what I was feeling wasn't my imagination.

When my mother answered I remember feeling so relieved! "Mom, are you okay?" I said. "I had this horrible feeling last night that something was going to happen to you!"

"I'm okay and so is your Aunt Helen..." My aunt Helen, I remember thinking, why did she mention my aunt Helen?

My mother told me that her and my aunt Helen had went to eat at a restaurant in Sugar Grove the previous night.

Sugar Grove, Ohio is small farm town with lots of back roads, old barns, corn fields, cows and beautiful scenery.

(Before I go on, it's important to understand that in Ohio, we are experienced drivers when it comes to driving in the snowy winters, so we don't really think much about it.)

"It started snowing again while me and your aunt Helen were still eating in the restaurant", mom said.

"So the manager kindly told us that we were welcome to wait there for awhile and see if the snow was going to stop, before attempting to drive home..."

She went on to tell me "We waited over an hour, but it started snowing even harder. So your aunt Helen and I decided we had better not wait any longer. We didn't want to get stranded there..." So at around 11:30 PM they decided to drive home..."

The Drive Home...

They drove very slowly. The country roads were very icy and covered with snow.

Mom told me that "right after we started driving the snow suddenly stopped..." So she went on to explain that they continued driving along when suddenly the road turned into a small downward hill.

My mother told me "Before we knew it, the road came to a T! As I slowly hit the brakes the car unexpectedly spun out of control! It spun around and around and before we knew it we were spinning over the edge of an eight foot high cliff..."

"The car came to a sudden halt when it crashed right in the middle of a corn field! But we are both okay, only the car was hurt" she said. Her and my aunt Helen were shaken up, but they didn't even get a scratch!

My mom said that she crawled out of the window on her side of the car and walked to the farmer's house to ask him if she could use his phone to call a tow truck.

The farmer then informed my mother that this has happened before to other unsuspecting drivers but that her and my aunt were the only two lucky ones who survived.

He explained to her that the reason she didn't see the stop sign was that it gets covered with snow when it snows heavily.

He also told her that the county has been aware of the problem for a long time but as of yet to put up any type of protective railing to prevent this from happening again!

My mother told me "Honey, our angels were definitely protecting us last night because we shouldn't have made it out of that car alive!"

The accident report stated that it occurred at around 12:10 AM, the same time that I was woken up by that horrible feeling that something was going to happen to mom!

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
7 years ago (2015-02-28)
Sometimes God sends us a message like this about a person in danger, so that we can pray for them!
MelindaG (1 posts)
9 years ago (2013-04-07)
I'm so glad your family was safe! I'm from Lancaster Ohio... I've been wondering for a while now where to go for a good reading. Any suggestions? I think I may have a spirit that comes and goes in my home... They're are a few other things I would like to know know. I always listen to my inner voice... I'd also like to know about one of my past lives. I remember quite a few of them... If anyone can help I would be very grateful.
pinkbabe63 (guest)
14 years ago (2008-03-20)
Woh! That sounds really scary but cool but I'm glad that they were ok! 😁 I don't know when I had my first psychic experience though...
Gaelrid (5 stories) (53 posts)
14 years ago (2008-03-17)
It sure was lucky that your mom and aunt made it out of the car unharmed.
I was about 2 or 3 when I had my first psychic experience.
My mom was pregnant and I was sure there would be 2 babies, but everyone kept telling me that there would only be 1.
Whene my mom went to get an ultra-sound, I was right.

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