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Can Sisters Be Bonded With Phychic Abilities?


I am writing because last month was a very hard month for my family, I know that it has nothing to do with physic abilities but in order to get to the point of the story I must include it, My older sister was possessed by a number of entities she was possessed for a week before her friend who lives in California told her that she can astral project in to her and take them out of her! Which she did successfully, but to get to my story. My sister now has physic or clairvoyant abilities, she is able to see auras, and know things she never did before. Well we were told that after an incident last month we were told that now me my younger sister and my

(older sister) clairvoyant sister are bonded and all have the abilities, any time my older sister is receiving I get very light headed or dizzy! Its something that has never happened to me before!

I have in the past had very vivid premonitions that have been accurate!

I'm wondering if there is a way that we can be bonded with physic abilities and are able to feel when one is receiving a message?

I was told that we received the gift from my Grandmother who is now passed, I know nothing about her being that she passed before I was born. I've always had these vivid pictures flash in my mind or its like a short video, and it feels like de ja vu when I see it happen. My little sister recently has been experiencing a small girl talking to her all day, even while she is at work, she keeps having a reoccurring dream of the same thing. If someone could let me know if this is possible I would greatly appreciate it.

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kitanalui15 (2 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-22)
I don't know if my sister has an ability but I know my mother have. My mother can read my mind 😭 while my ability is quite scary. When I get angry to someone, something happens bad to them afterwrds. 😢 And because of this freaking ability, I get scared of getting angry at others. 😢

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