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Faces And Lions


While watching television about 3 weeks ago, I nodded off and suddenly I saw faces begin to appear. Each face came into focus and then faded out. They were outlined in black and there was an orange- yellow coloured background; they were portrait-like. Each face was expressionless but they were all directly looking at me. I was very aware of the fact that I was awake and although I did not feel afraid, I was a little startled so I opened my eyes. I took a couple of long deep breaths and closed my eyes again and it started again. I felt very peaceful and calm and I allowed the images to continue. The faces were of all different age groups, ethnicity, and gender.

Faces And Lions

Since that time, I have had this experience numerous times especially during my week vacation in the Caribbean last week. I'm guessing they were more frequent because I was definitely more relaxed. One time, while lying in the sun, I had a vision of a door (same coloured background). I opened my eyes right away because, again, it wasn't frightening but different than the other visions. However, I closed my eyes again, and the door re-appeared. I focused on it calmly and it opened and then closed. I remained in my calm state and it opened again and stayed open. Suddenly I felt like I went through the door and saw different empty rooms (again, all with the orange yellow coloured walls). It felt like there was a video camera directing me to the rooms. Then that faded away and the faces began to appear again.

In our hotel lobby that I was staying at, there was a very talented artist showcasing and selling his art work. I was immediately mesmerized by a charcoal drawing of three female lions. I could not stop staring at it and it seemed to follow me everywhere. I had the same calming feeling I have when I see the faces. Anyway, by the end of the week, I decided to buy it and it's hanging by my desk in our dog grooming salon. I don't know if this has any significance with regards to the faces. Any ideas, comments?

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Jubeele (2 stories) (53 posts)
5 years ago (2017-11-02)
Your experience may be a message to your inner self that you are on the path to self-awareness. The lioness speaks to me of the power of maternal love and protection. It is a strong animal totem. I found this link with some interesting insights on the lioness symbolism:
Martin (129 posts) mod
5 years ago (2017-11-02)
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published 📷
MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
9 years ago (2014-03-07)
When I start having brief visions, I get temporarily tired.
When I take the time to rest, I get some sort of image or another.
The thing about it is that, with visions like there, there are a million things it could relate to.

Off hand, I think yoursis trying to tell you to not fall asleep with the TV on =P

Having the TV on when you sleep messes with your sleep cycle, and opens you to messages that are very hypnotic, while you are in a more receptive state.

The painting with the lions... It might be that lions are your totem animal.

Hard to say much more beyond that.

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