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I Am A Light Worker


I have always known I had psychic abilities ever since I was a child. At the age of five, I was first contacted by my spirit guide. He said that I was one of many children endowed with gifts to help heal the world. What he described sounds much like the indigo children, of which I am sure I am one. My guide told me much about the forces of light and dark which balance out the Earth, and that I would be able to know which people were light workers or dark workers. It was a beautiful description of the ways of the spirit world for my young ears.

My parents were very religious as I was growing up, so I was very hesitant to share my gifts with them. Later, when I was twelve, I discovered that my father also had psychic abilities, including a "sixth sense" that helped him get through Vietnam. Two patrol boats blew up from under him and he walked away from both without a scratch. This helped me feel open enough to share my own abilities with my parents. My father knew more about psychic abilities than I would ever have thought. Long story short, he helped me discover I have empathic abilities.

My father also has powerful (and accurate) dreams and visions. Apparently, so do I.

Fast forward to 2001; six months before 9/11 I started getting dreams and visions of hectic air traffic and large explosions. Being an Empath I could feel anger, confusion and hatred pouring from these dreams. Every night I was plagued with night terrors, waking up in the middle of the night hearing police and fire truck sounds still echoing in my ears from my dreams. Needless to say my father was frightened, knowing I have gifts similar to his. Every other night I would have these dreams until 9/11.

Here's the strange part: on September 11, 2001 my mood was relaxed. After being an emotional wreck for months, I woke up calm. I wasn't drained just relaxed. It was as if I had worked my way through the entire grieving process and it was time to heal. I was a junior in high school at the time and woke up for school at 5:00 am; that's an hour earlier than usual, and it wasn't until I was attending my first class that we realized that the WTC was hit. After school was the first time I was able to check the news. Everything happened exactly as I had dreamed.

I guess the reason I bring this up is that I want to know if abilities change, or do they just get more powerful?

Another instance of ability changing was when I was at a veteran's service thing on Memorial Day. It was held in a graveyard and they had a salute with gunshots. Although I felt rude in not paying attention to the veterans, something was calling me to the opposite corner of the graveyard. Luckily, the service ended shortly after and I felt free to check it out. My mother followed me, wondering where I was going. All I told her was "There's a baby girl over there," which scared her (she thought I was talking about an abandoned baby). When we got there, the grave I was "pulled" to was that of a baby girl that died two weeks after being born.

The strange thing was that even though the baby died in the 1960's there were fresh flowers in front of the grave. As I touched the flowers, I received a vision of a woman crying full of guilt saying that she was sorry for the child's death. I caught a connection that this woman was an older sister of the baby.

Is this an example of Psychometry? This is not the only time I have experienced this phenomena of touching items and receiving a vision about that object.

I have another recently discovered ability since December 2012. When I wake up from a full night's sleep, I will continue lying down and will enter a trance. My spirit guide will then be fully visible and I will follow him. He wears white or silver clothes, and he looks a lot like an elf from The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings movies. Anyway, he will lead me through the spirit world to a room where someone is seen sleeping. He will touch them awake and it will startle them as if they can't see him. They will then see me and at first they will be afraid as if they don't know what is happening. Then they will tell me their issues as if I am their doctor. I have no experience as a doctor so this is a very strange experience for me.

So then my spirit guide will give me some insight as to what I should say to the person. Then words will just pour out of my soul and I will speak to this person to help them with their issues. Sometimes I will recognize the person and sometimes I won't. I will see celebrities sometimes, but also average people of different races and ages. This happens on average one or two times a week. I have done this with celebrities and then later in the news I hear about how they completely changed their minds about what they were doing, as if they received some divine insight or something.

I know this sounds crazy. I only know what I have experienced. I am not one who sees patterns in everything, but this is way too coincidental. I once connected with an actor, of whom I will not name names, who had the option to play a part in an upcoming movie. I told him it wasn't a good idea. The news reported he backed out of it last second. The movie later flopped, no joke. I could have helped save his career.

I am just as confused as you guys at this point. I am very curious to read the responses as to how you guys would classify me according to abilities. There have also been times I could feel the pain of others and even lessen their pain. I can even see auras too. Sometimes I wonder if I am some kind of sponge, picking up abilities as I go. Or maybe I'm plugged in to some form of energy source.

Whatever you want to call me, just know that I am a light worker only seeking peace and harmony for this planet. Love you all.

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MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-18)
Ah,another point I almost forgot.

The bible never claimed to be directly written by God.

Rather, it was dictated to humans by God, or by spirits associated with God.

So, one could say that the bible is a collection of human interpertation of the word andwisdom of God.

I will say this about the bible. It reads like a psychic defense manual.
If you can live your life by the qualities presented in the bible, you will have a better quality of life, and a higher quality of spirit.

Bear in mind, if you want to try to use that as a excuse to say "God told me to murder these people" or something else as shortsighted as that (this isn't meant for you specifically, skytlz, but more a general message to any other readers)
The bible has specific rules and guidelines for people that believe they have spiritual gifts.
Read them, and understand them, before you make claims that you represent the will of God.

Even if it is just a human interpretation of the Word of God, it is indepth enough that I would stress and urge anyone even thining about taking that path to read and understand those rules and guidelines.

If you can't be bothered to do it, then, chances are, you aren't talking to God.
MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-18)
I have a more mathematical view of the dreams of mundane tasks playing out in your life as they do in the dream.

It deals with the concept of chaos mathematics.

Basically, I believe that everything in the universe is mathematically pre-destined.
For this theory, I will make the assumption that The Big Bang actually occured.

Every particle... Even every stream of energy that was emmited from the bigbang can be traced to a specific direction, to a specific series of interactions, and to specific definite end points.
Now, I state that as if it's a simple task, and as if it has already been done by humans.

It is not a simple task, and no human has come close to even beginning to figure out all the projected energies and particles.
However, just because it is beyond us as individuals to understand all the paths, doesn't mean that the proof is not there.

That is my view on accurate fortune telling... The ones that are most accurate can tap into the Holy Spirit and glimpse a small part of the mathematical equation.

Beyond that... Yes, when I was younger, I did have dreams of mundane tasks, and feelings of deja vu.

I do not have them as much now as I used to.

I am refreshed to read your view on spirituality.

I personally don't see the world as good or bad, positive or negative...
I see it in terms of selfishness, and selflessness.

Neither is specifically good or bad. In fact, it seems that a proper balance of both is the best answer.

For example, the act of eating food is selfish, but it is needed, or you will die.

The act of sharing food with your offspring logically means less food for you, but, if you don't do it, your progeny will die.

I'm not going to go deeper than those two examples, and I am sure they are flawed, but I hope it gets the concept across.

There is another word I learned from the bible that seems just as important as humility.


In any case, it seems like you are on the right track.
It eases my heart to read what you typed.

I hope you remain well, and God bless.
skytlz (1 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-17)
I agree with you Mr. E on what I call "smile science". It is where you can change the energy of someone with a simple greeting. I have had dreams where my spirit guide showed me what happened after I smiled at a particular individual. Their entire day was shown with and without the smile I gave them.
That sounds kind of self-centered to me to believe that sometimes, though. I'm a very humble person with a strong conviction to help the Israelites for some reasons. I also believe strongly in the Hebrew God, although I am not Jewish. While I did grow up Christian, I have always felt there were definite flaws with the religion, and that God never meant it to be a religion, but a lifestyle. Although I do believe in Jesus, he has always felt as more of a guide than anything else; he is a true teacher.
As for the "negative" existing, I not only believe they have the right to exist, but I have had another strong conviction to find out why certain people or groups are considered "negative". My heart goes out to convicts and others whom society has "given up" on. I also have a firm belief that God is the only true judge of the world, since the Hebrew word for "God" sounds like the word "Judge" in most translations.
As for the "100 people in your head" effect, I have felt that as well before I fall asleep sometimes.
I have a question for you though, Mr. E. Do You ever have dreams of mundane or routine tasks? I get these all the time. I get several dreams in a row of everyday events, and then they play out. They are such routine tasks that I forget them. Some few highlights are remembered, but for the most part they are forgotten as quickly as they happen. Am I connecting to the future or is this just a random thing?
Thanks for your response,
MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-06)
It seems you summed up quite nicely what you would be considered by the psychic community.
A light worker.
It's more than descriptive enough.

The part with your "guide" meeting you and taking you to see people is a more detailed description, and more visual experience, than many empaths have.

Basically, people stew in their thoughts and emotions.

This sends off energy vibrations that affect other people... Wether the person giving off the vibrations realizes it or not.

For me, it's like having a argue with 100 people in my head at the same time... So I have to find a way to get all the energies to align.

For you, it's a one-on-one consultation.

One difficult thing I had to do to get the energys to align is to decide what needed to happen to get the energys to align... Basically, in knowing there is something wrong with the world, what is it that I think is the way to fix it.

The problem is that I came to two answers...

One involves everyone giving up their selfish ways.

The other involves everyone dying.

Once I made the choice that I would push more for everyone to give up their selfish ways as a better solution, I then had to finda way to apply it to myself... If I can not do what I expect everyone else to do, then how could I expect it to even work.

It's been a long path, and there is still much to go, but I have made much progress... And I have made the most progress WITHOUT the use of energy.
Not everyone has the ability or potential to use it... So, in trying to find the answer to how to fix the world for EVERYONE, and not just the most gifted or talented, I have had to set it aside as a tool, if that makes sense.
However, in choosing to set it aside the way I have, I have learned that energy is more than what even most psyhics think it to be... That physical matter is entirely energry, for example... It simply has so much force that we don't tend to think of it as energy.
Furthermore, stopping and taking the time to say hello to a person is also a form of energy manipulation... Sometimes a single greeting can do the same job as 12 light workers bending energy towards the "positive" spectrum.

One huge thing to remember, as a light worker, is that sometimes things must happen, so matter how horrible they may seem.
Another thing to remember is that even things we consider to be "negative" not only have a right to exist, but are also a part of natural processes we all need to survive.
So try not to be so quick to judge, lest you yourself will be judged.

In any case, that's my two-cents.
God bless, and be well.

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