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Seeing Without Knowing


me and my husband have been together for about 13 years off and on until we got married in 2010. Our relationship was like no other that we have ever had. We instantly connected. Having never asking are telling my husband that I would rather him stay home with me then go fishing with the guys I always said yes when he asked. And he the same for me. We were just getting off of work and his friend called up and asked if he would go help him on his trip to go fishing, he didn't know his way around the reef. I nicely asked my husband not to go and stay home and he said, "okay" told his friend that he would stay home maybe next time. 30 minutes later he shows up at our front door I answer let him in. He asked again for my husband to go I instantly started crying closed my eyes and seen some on drowning. I begged my husband not to go I had a bad feeling that something was going to happen, but he went anyways. Not realizing that my vision was right are that my feeling was right 3 days passed I didn't hear from him. I then received a phone call saying the boat they were on had sunk and all 3 men were missing. My husband was lost at sea for 5 days until he was found with one other survivor and the other man passed he was not found. After that I started to open up with people more and I have seen that throughout my life I have seen things or visions of something that later came true. I started a journal since then the boating accident and I'm hoping to have a better understanding of myself.

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