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The Dark Shadowed Man


I've had quite a few paranormal experiences starting from when I was a small child. Feeling like there was spirits in my bedroom and even seeing a ghost at the end of my bed when I was 11. I was never frightened though, I always knew they were friendly spirits. However now it seems I have a dark entity attached to me and my mother.

As a teenager I experienced astral projection for the first time. I didn't know what was happening to me, I heard loud popping in my ears and had a tingling sensation throughout my body. I saw my spiritual body start to leave my physical body and forced myself to wake up, which was hard. Every time I tried to open my eyes only my spiritual eyes would open, I tried to yell out to wake myself but it felt like my mouth was open and no sound would come out. I watched my spiritual arm move in and out of my physical arm while trying to move my body. Not going to lie it freaked me out. After that I looked into it and found out my mother astro travels fairly often.

I'm 22 now and recently moved back into the family home after living away with my partner. One night while we were in bed he experienced astral projection and woke up in a fright, we have been together for 6 years and this is the only time I have ever seen him scared. He told me he saw a dark shadowed figure and it was trying to possess him. He said it was throwing him around the room controlling his spiritual body and he had to fight to get back to his physical body.

This happened several more times that night. I knew when because he would start breathing extremely heavily and his body would start shaking. I leaned over to turn the lamp on and would try to wake him up by talking to him and shaking him but he wouldn't respond. He usually wakes very easily. After I while he opened his eyes and told me to be quite and if it happened again not to turn on the lamp, because the when I did the spirit looked around to see who had done it. My partner said the spirit didn't know anyone else was in the room.

I think this ghost may have now attached itself to me. Like I said I am currently staying at the family home and one night not too long ago I saw the dark shadow figure hovering right above me, it was only for a second but I know what I saw, I even saw his face. I was so startled by him I screamed and woke my mother.

After that I didn't see or feel his presence in my bedroom, however my mother now feels him in her bed sometimes, pressed up against her back while she lays on her side. She tells me that she thinks it may be trying to possess her because she starts to feel how she does right before astral projection but apparently it feels different somehow. She tells him 'Go away, I am stronger than you!' but it keeps happening to her every few nights.

Early this morning while sleeping in bed with my partner I kept hearing someone talking to me, I assumed it was my partner and woke him up three times in a row to ask him what he said as it was muffled. He told me he said nothing and I assumed I was dreaming. Then I heard the voice clearly. It was a man's voice and it sounded like it was distorted by a fan. It was deep, scratchy and quite. He said "sleep... Sleep... Sleepyyyy." He was talking but it almost sounded like he was trying to sing it like a lullaby. It was the creepiest thing I have ever heard.

I was almost in a state of astral projection but not quite there and it's like he knew it. After my mother thinking he wants to possess her I worry he was trying to relax me into a spiritual state so he could try to possess me.

Later today after telling myself I was just dreaming, I told my mum about the voice and how I thought it might have been the ghost. She couldn't believe what I was describing to her because the ghost has been talking to her as well. She said she didn't tell me because she didn't want to sound crazy or like she was embellishing. I had trouble finding words to describe how he sounded. So she told me what it sounded like when he talked to her and it matched up.

There is no doubt in my mind that there is currently a ghost residing in my house. And I don't think its friendly.

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PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
7 years ago (2014-03-21)
You should wear a cross it might not work but you can feel safe in it before you do to sleep read the bible and pray thier is a 95% that its still thier or it got what it wanted just one question did the entity seem 20-30s if so it may be targeting your partner hope this helps
Goodbless you
idontknowagoodname (1 stories) (5 posts)
7 years ago (2014-03-15)
well here is another thing the previous person who assisted you did not state. Now this depends if you think you have enough power. See you, your brother and your mother combined could and can be much stronger than this spirit. I suggest all the of you work to cleanse your house. If you have a certain room you feel safe in, use this room for safety from the spirit. What you want to do is confront this spirit. Bring it out and don't I repeat don't anger it, Just bring it out and whoever it is trying to get to must attack it first. Force all theyre energy on this spirit. Once it goes after them the other two must attack it and all three of you must push it out. Completely block it away. After I suggest you put a forcefield around you house. Well I like to call it a shield. Now once you have done this you must I repeat must close your third eye. Focus hard on it, it will close. If you request more assistance or need more assistance contact me at benjaminburt [at] Anyone who spams me I am blocking.
LoneBunnie (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2014-03-13)
Thank you for the response! I havnt had anything happen to me for the last week and have been hoping that that was the last experience I would have of this nature. However I do think about it a lot while I'm trying to sleep and get scared and find it hard to get a good nights rest because I keep thinking I'll see something and I don't want to.

I'll definitely try this, and share the information with my mother. I think having a shield will make me feel much better.

We were going to get some sage to cleanse the house and get rid of it. Will this work if its a demon?
MrHead (3 posts)
7 years ago (2014-03-13)
I'll make this quick with some basics. First, more than possession I would be concerned about soul abduction. Mainly because the contact is occurring at times that your etheric bodies are likely to be easily led from your body. Many people speak of the silver cord that keeps the astral/etheric bodies or soul with your physical body. Don't believe it... People usually don't have one and if they do it is easily severed.

Second, ghosts don't normally possess people. It's much more likely to be a demon. But if it is a ghost it is an extremely angry and malevolent one. You can either ask for help for the rest of your lives (because once you are made to or able to see an interact with spiritual entities it will continue throughout your life). Or, you can learn how to protect yourself spiritually.

You will need to learn how to see and work with energy. You don't need to be psychic but you will need to learn to trust your instincts and learn focused visualization and you need above all to believe in yourself, God (whichever one you want), and the power of love. Do not have mercy on evil beings. They don't belong in your life or our dimension. And that comes from a much higher source than I. I got a surprising lecture several months ago because I had a hard time killing them and asked why we don't just let them go and remind them they can ask for redemption. I was sternly told that I was bordering on blasphemy if I was insinuating that God would instruct me to destroy anything that had the possibility of redemption. That he holds higher than anything. Just kill them and don't worry about it. You're probably doing them a favor anyway. Their existence is a terrible, nightmarish perversion as it is.

Okay first is a shield. There are many kinds but the beginning one is a bubble extending about a foot or two around your entire body including through the floor. I picture a tough sack around my body that is sealed and then I begin energy manipulation. Call upon your spirit guides, guardian angels, patron archangels or dieties if you have any and (this is just me) nearby allies and light workers/warriors and positive energies willing to effectuate the task. Specify that the construction is an act of love aimed at protecting loving, caring beings who you feel protective of, and other residents and guests in your home. Learn what energies do... I call upon white loving, light, protective and healing energy and I visualize it approach me and stop a foot in front of me as it get denser and denser. Then I call upon golden, divine energy and watch it pull up next to the white. Then I call upon blue celestial energy and wait until that arrives. Next I 'program' my shield. I fill the sack with the white light until it is like a beach ball. It's good to strain at first because it helps your mind recognize and feel the energy. If I want to be invisible I add gold energy and make my bubble a one way window... I can see out but can't be seen. Then I coat the whole thing with several layers of blue until it is at least as hard as fiberglass but preferably metal. Sometimes I place spikes on the outside and instruct them to either explode or inject venom into an enemy if touched--this has been shockingly effective. I also specify that if light beings touch the spikes or other weapons, they receive a blast of love or healing energy or whatever they need or want. You'll make powerful and protective friends fast when they feel that. Also you can coat the outside with reflective golden energy and ask your shield to ensure that negative energy attacks be converted to love, amplified and returned to sender.

Check the shield throughout the day in your mind. Refill it often at first and really try to feel it on you. Most importantly top it off before you go to sleep. If your third eye is open/active close it before sleep and give it an additional, clear shield. Demons have specialists that can connect to your third eye and abduct you when you're sleeping if you leave it open. It happened to my wife and we are still dealing with the emotional trauma many months later. All I'll say is that wounds on your astral being show up on the physical body when it is reunited with the soul. You get the picture, it's not something you ever want to deal with and you can die physically from it.

There are many other more complex and effective shields but don't bother until you can see and feel your basic one for about a month. Make a sword to protect yourself in exactly the same manner from divine energy. Threaten aggressive entities (which almost never works due to their crazed pride and arrogance). If/when they attack, slice them up. It kills them EVERY time. I've killed hundreds--just believe and everything will be fine.

If you are ever in over your head, call on archangel Michael either telepathically or in prayer (you don't need to be xtian). He'll be there in an instant and if you are extremely humble, respectful and loving to him he may even stay after and talk with you. He is a wonderful being...helpful, strong, loving and even has a wonderful sense of humor. You'll know he's real because he always knocks on the door and waits for you to invite him in. If you are not psychic like me you invite in a cool breeze and assure yourself you've lost it. Then he'll mess with you by stepping on your foot or ruffling your hair and he will glow and let you feel his love. He always says, Goodbye," and,"I love you." No matter how old you are he's like the awesome big brother everyone wished they had.

Okay brother, go fight the good fight. Don't let these things ruin your life--you only have one and it is yours alone, God given. Defend it like it is the wonderful gift that it is.

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