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Clean Dream About A Girl


My name is Tom.

I have an energy stone that I bought alone, based on fire. Once I used it to control fire and make an energy field, but I stopped because of non-interested.

I dreamed about a ghost.

First I dreamed about a car crash of me and my family, but no one got hurt.

It was very realistic, it was on the independence day in a friends house that I was there for the first time.

He is doing those mag stuff and black magic, and he asked me to go check the rooms for ghosts.

I did, I burned them first but the fire didn't hurt the room, and then he gave me, like a metal scroll with a symbol, I think a lion and he told me to put it in every room.

When I reached the second room, I saw a ghost that looked on me and I freaked out.

First he told me to kill the ghost, but then I stopped, and the ghost turned to a girl with 2 scars on her face.

She was very thin, she has a yellow skin and her eyes were fully black.

When I kissed her, I feel like I'm touching her skin, but I saw only her bones, and when we finished kissing I saw her entire body without those bones.

We started to talk, and we spend some time together, after a while we kiss, and I saw myself in my house after the party that my parents friends were our guests, and she set with me in the car while we were driving, and in the CBS near my house some people got us and argue that I'm one of those family members, all of them had white clothes.

The ghost sat in the back, and then I saw us sitting in the park, and a friend of me was sitting in a place near us.

She told me that she heard him telling himself that he things she's fake, and I told her to fly near him, and then I didn't saw her again.

That was so freaking weird dream, is someone trying to tell me something? Or its just a dream?

Because it felt like I'm in reality, and I controlled myself in the dream...

Her height was like 1.60 meters, and she looked a little like this:


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PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
7 years ago (2014-05-06)
How do you kill a ghost if thier already dead? Then you freak out when one looks at you? Or was this hole thing about your friend a dream and started ro visit you

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