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When I was a young girl my fav uncle passed away. Few weeks later, I was closing all the windows in the house in the evening (I was born in Fiji Islands) this one window I came to I felt someone was outside looking at me, I had goosebumps and felt ran away, later that night same thing happened in my dream and my uncle was standing outside that window looking at me.

Few years ago, I was looking at different parks for my kids to play around our city, this particular park which seemed big and had good reviews I clicked on. It has plenty of pics. One pic had a creek near the park, I looked at it and immediately said to my husband, someone was murdered there, I googled search it and yes a man was found murdered there in the creek few years ago. I am new to this city and have no idea about this.

About five years ago, we were house hunting, we went to this two story house to have a look inside. Which was for sale. I went from room to room all fine, once room I approached I stopped before entering, there was a chair in the corner with a doll on it. It didn't feel right, I stopped my husband from going in that room,

The neighbor later told me, a little girl was very sick and died in that room.

Few days ago, I was home alone with my baby, we have a passage way in the house with glass doors, I just couldn't go past this door that night, I felt something is there, watching me through the glass, I was literally scared. Dreamt that night a woman is standing there walking watching me through the glass.

I am too scared to find out what am I going to encounter next.

Thanks for reading.

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MSmith82 (3 stories) (55 posts)
7 years ago (2014-07-05)
Well as far as checking out the passageway in your house I would advise having your husband walk in there with you. Now, the red eyes that you saw were most likely an animal or it may have been a demon. I really don't know because I wasn't there. Sorry I can't be much more help than that.
Shaysm (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2014-07-04)
Also I would like to add in this is... On my wedding day as I was coming out of the church and getting in the car, I saw red eyes piercing through the rear view mirror for a split second and it was gone. Whole night I was sick with aches and pain, next day I was vomitting and went to hosp in ambulance because of dehydration. Never experienced anything like that, I still think about it and feel that something evil was there. Who was it I don't know. If anyone knows about black background with red evil eyes please let me know more. Thanks.

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