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A Miracle Of Reality


I am in Dar-es-salaam doing a project. I have stayed here for over a month under the instruction of the higher self. Watched pretty much everything unfold out like a flower and as I let the self guide me everything becomes more open and realistic. I have so many stories about my stay here but this one is the most latest one it happened yesterday. It was around 8am, I was seated at home over my laptop as usual but I had no connection to the internet so I was wondering what I would do and I decided to let go and practicing mindful breathing. Just as I am doing right now and everything began to fade away. All the troubles, all the thoughts, I concentrated on the present moment. Which was now and alas, I got there. At the window breathing mindfully, aware of my surrounding aware of the wall which is dividing me from the reality -this got me thinking of how we usually build our lives and surround them with walls but the walls don't stop the reality from existing. I became one, one with the silence, one with my environment, one with my surrounding. I felt peace. I breathed in once more and everything felt more calmer and at peace and I looked out the window. The Sunshine. Made me smile. Birds all around me, made me happy. I felt suddenly so sad, so sad that I never realized that this beautiful reality existed in my life before and that it took me a month to realize it. A tear dropped from my eyes. I acknowledged and realized that this was a sad feeling and I embraced it. More flowed down and the nature was still beautiful as the tears were flowing down birds still continued chirping and whistling playfully but I was too sad at the reality which had dawned before me and it was then that a group of four small birds with a really lively nature flew right in front of me and they were literally playing before my eyes as if they knew the effect it was going to have on me. I couldn't help but realize this reality and I immediately gave in. The pain and sadness went away and I was once more engulfed in the beauty. Then I think I started understanding these birds and animals. (who am I that even birds console me when I am sad) .Questions flowed through my mind as I struggled to maintain the flow. It was as if the birds were discussing me. I watched them for quite some time... One bird tried to make contact but another bird came and bullied it away. It is this bird which I am still in contact with until now. It needs me to help it with something but I can't figure out yet. Even the crows can communicate and give out info if we can listen. So after a moment I walked out and to my surprise they were not spooked. I heard someone say. "He is cool" and suddenly a lizard walked over my foot I got spooked but I maintained my breath. Then I hear the same voice say "see". I looked down it was a colored lizard. I figured out I usually let them stay inside the house and I never bother them and so I gained their trust and that of the birds. The experience goes on until when the birds gave me a name. Wait, he is calling me out right now. I am still trying to get them to trust me enough to come down then maybe I can help but the level of bad energy that we have is so overwhelming and the levels of our destruction so massive that it will take us a whole new level to understand these creatures who also have a life one which we don't seem to care about.

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