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An Energy Troubling Me And My Family


I am 18, am moderate psychic and I am very good at feeling energies.

4 years back, on a January morning my uncle expired, it was quite unexpected and he was pretty young (40). The day after that was one of the greatest Solar Eclipses in India. I was in school back then, and after coming home, I had no clue where my parents were. They decided not to tell me until they tell me personally in the morning. At about 8 O'Clock at night I heard some weird sound coming from one of my bedrooms, it was someone coughing, and that was not possible given the location of that bedroom. Even my dog was barking and growling at it. I took a Rudraksha Mala (Its a Hindu divine object) with me, and I went in (The coughing had stopped by then), I found nothing, switched on the lights, Called the name of God a few times and went away.

My Aunt had to go through a financial Roller Coaster, which my parents assisted her with. They helped her out with their lifetimes savings and helped her settle well. But she is a very jealous lady, she is jealous about almost everything, and she just can't stand anyone getting anything better than her. I have had this observation that whatever she has been jealous about bumps into a problem, like if we plan a trip, it always gets cancelled (not if we take her).

Almost right after the incident, my house has been degrading, our relationship with each other have weakened, my dad is in a huge financial crisis and my academic career has been plagued by bad luck recently; despite studying hard, and having good grades, I am unable to get admission into a reputed University due to silly reasons, totally out of my control.

One incident that happened to me was that one night in my hostel room. I suddenly felt somebody's presence, I hadn't studied well that day, so it had a vibes of slight anger attached to it. I realised that it was an entity and yelled at it to go away. It attacked me back, And I got a feeling of weakness with some tingling-ish sensation on my left cheek and hand. I rushed to one of my friends room to sleepover, when I was back in the morning, the entity was gone.

So, today I went to that bedroom again, asking the soul to go back, and I again felt the same sensation on the back of my neck, I could feel a lot of energies flowing in and out as if someone is rubbing my back. Also I felt some pressure on my throat area. Later the energy calmed downed as I started to add emotions of love, but it was not completely gone. I recognize it and have felt it before sometimes, its a little choking type.

I don't understand how do I drive this energy out/ Give it peace. Is it my uncle? Is it something else? How do I protect me and my family?

Also techniques like Sukyo Mahikari do relieve me a lot, otherwise I feel as if some energy is choking me.

Please help me, I can't stand it anymore

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jyoti-mj (guest)
9 years ago (2015-05-15)
I think I might help you. I am not a priest or anything but I have ability of controlling elements by extension I have many other bizarre abilities one of which is redirecting entities which you talk about. I will not chase it away but rather will make it useful. I can bind it with myself but I need to talk to you. If you need my help then drop you name and ph num via email mj.jyoti91 [at]
Do copy the above comment of your's so that I would recognise you.
Esther (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-11)
Hi dear, we have the same problem and the entity has destroyed me and my family. We don't know what it wants or what it is. I know that it's related to me. Mine also started when I was a child (11). As for getting rid of it, whenever I try to get rid of it, I fall sick and doctors don't know what's wrong with me. Whenever I go to a holy place or meet a holy person to seek help, the moment I enter, fever starts! I'm In India too, Catholic, but I have tried holy people from all religions. Nothing! Only fake illnesses which are going to kill me. I have decided not to try to get rid of it again. Never, because my body has become so weak after all these illnesses, I won't survive the next one. I think it's better to find a medum and talk to it, to find out what it wants. I know exorcism doesn't work, sometimes it's impossible to get rid of the entity. We have to accept it and be kind to it. Otherwise it might hurt us badly. I wish in your case, it doesn't start hurting you. Good luck.

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