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The Fire Alarm Incident At School


I'm 14 and this year at school I've had an incident happen. It happened sometime in November, that day it was raining so hard that the rain was bouncing off the ground, it was also thundering and lightning a little. I was in 2nd period science, sitting at my desk with my friend, our desks are located away from all the other students, so we can concentrate better on our work.

The teacher was sitting at her desk, doing some work when all of a sudden, I look up from my work and around the classroom, and as I am doing so, I feel the energy in the room decreasing a lot. So I raise my hand and the teacher comes over, I ask the teacher if we were going to have a fire drill today. She told me that no, we weren't going to have a fire drill today, and even if there was going to be one it would be canceled because of the weather.

I said okay and she left. Now at that point my friend is looking at me weirdly, she was probably wondering why I asked that question. I got back to work, I could still feel the low energy in the room and that nagging feeling that something was going to happen, so I couldn't concentrate on my work.

About 2 or 3 minutes later the fire alarm goes off. I look up and the whole class is just staring at me, and my friend is staring at me with a look on her face that says "are you kidding me right now?". Everyone got up and went outside, my class still looking at me along with the teacher.

This isn't the first weird thing that has happened to me, things similar to that have been happening to me since I was 3 or 4 years old.

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wat123 (41 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-25)
I once heard a story of someone who experienced a similar experience, she saw a fire when she looked at a painting nearby a classroom, 2 hours later there was a big fire in that room.
(She had never had any visions before turning 14)
The peak of her visions were when she was 14, that year it seemed her 'power' grew a lot, after that year the visions slowly started getting less and less.
However she felt like she had to tell someone about these things even if they were from some time ago. It really did help her move on knowing she had told her story to someone. I hope you will feel better about this incident after telling your story as well no matter what the future may bring.

My advice is to basically enjoy it while it lasts, as long as it doesn't damage you or others mentally or physically. You might also want to tone down the presenting of your ability's to others unless you wish to get this special kind of attention more often though it is quite risky to continue it regarding your reputation. If you want your classmates ect. To forget about this incident just live life and eventually they will forget about it if it doesn't repeat and mayby joke about it later on.

Most don't dare reveal their ability's openly like that but from what I have read you'll have a fun life, as long as you can enjoy happenings like these that can shake your normal life. It is still unpleasant that this particular incident caught you by suprise but there's a first time for everyone and I think you'll be better prepared next time.
Good luck,
MuddledClarity (1 stories) (7 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-23)
Dear Angelica,
My guess is you can see into the near future, which makes you slightly psychic. I don't see any other questions in here, so that's all I'll post.

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