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My Spirit Friend Tried To Hurt Me And Is Gone


There was this ghost of a young girl-my friend-who died because of suffocation. I tried to connect with her spirit for a long time, and one night, when I was about to awake, I had a very vivid dream of me staring at my other friend's house (she I learned she was a medium three months after), and I sang out my dead friend's name three times. Her ghost came out the door of the house. I was so happy, but when we tried to talk, she was gone. I tried summoning her again, but it wouldn't work. I ran across the street and barged into the house. Someone said, "No." Then the dream was over. The next day, I leaned against a wall of my house, when it vibrated. I pressed my ear against the wall when I heard a ghostly voice say hi. It came from the wall. I asked who it was. The voice said she was my lost friend. I asked why her voice was coming from the wall. She moaned, "Because the wall killed me. I died within the walls. Now I am confined to them." For the next five months, I could speak to her as long as I was touching a wall. Noone else really paid attention, I guess they couldn't hear our my friend's voice. Then one day, we were having a normal conversation, when she said, "I must go now. Bye." I could never speak to her again, excluding a situation in which I nearly died. I had pretty much decided she didn't want me anymore, when one day I was practicing piano alone, when a transparent hand reached out and grabbed me. It pulled me like a inch closer, than retreated. Nothing happened for another ever again, and now it's been almost three years since my dream. I'm really creeped out. I don't know if I should fight, communicate, play nice, or do nothing. The ghost had been nice, but tried to hurt me. I don't know what she wants so I don't know what I want. Even worse, two knew spirits have been identified in this catagory. And my now BFF, who gives pyschic readings, says people leave to be safe sometimes. Any advice? Is the ghost in danger? Should I just do nothing because that's what the ghost seems to be doing?

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AniokNitya (guest)
9 years ago (2014-07-27)
Do not be deceived, there are multiple spirits around you and not just lost souls. The one thing you need to know is that even if your friend was really there she is most likely dark due to the fact that when a lost soul spends more time here and around the living the become darker beings demons also follow them and torment them too. Mediums sometimes mistake these lost souls as not hostile but these souls somewhat toy with some mediums. As a guardian my suggestions to you is, Do not communicate, do not try to contact her. She is still there and shes watching waiting for the rite moment. Spirits plant fear like a seed and when the time comes that that fear grown they will come and reep. She may try to contact you again soon do not allow fear to overcome you.
Love1st (guest)
9 years ago (2014-07-25)
Are you sure it was the same ghost/spirit friend? Perhaps prayer/meditation might help you find the answer within yourself. I believe that each of us knows the right path to take in our life; it's just a matter of being calm enough to listen. Remember: Love is a powerful thing.

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