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I was lying in bed, reading late like always. Then I felt something grab my wrist and shove my shoulder against the bed post. I couldn't see anything there, and I do have a bright night light because of my extreme fear of the dark to the point I start shaking. I have heart 5 conditions, so I was freaking out about my heart stopping. It released my shoulder and grabbed my throat and I could hardly breathe, and speaking came out in a whisper. My one friend I told about some footsteps I heard in the walls from awhile ago made an off comment about this crazy chant she once heard (by the way, I have an 18th grader's memory, so I remembered it, which surprised me to counting the fact the situation) and I kept squeezing it out until I felt it release me. The footsteps are now gone, but my fear of the dark has increased dramatically. I'm still afraid to go to sleep, which has been effecting my grades. Even when I manage to get to sleep, I get dreams about people dying, fires, and other things that happen in real life a day to two weeks after I dream it. I have told myself it won't come again, but as soon as it's dark, I freak out like a cornered cat in a room full of chainsaws. Can someone please help me? I'm not afraid of things I can see, when I was 6, I saw Tremors and just shrugged my shoulders and went off to get ready for bed. Mega sized fantasy creatures don't attack you in real life, it was easy to practically sort my issues, but this is something I just can't put out of my mind.

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Lunagal (1 stories) (4 posts)
7 years ago (2014-09-29)
Speaking of people not believing me and people who have passed on, another thing happened during my stay at my grandparent's house during the funeral. I was reading, then slam. I slipped out of my room only to find no one there. Those doors are comparably heavy and we're not allowed to open windows. I crept down the hall chanting in my head ghosts are the wind. Even if wind isn't there. I slipped into the restroom and locked the door, only to feel curious about where everyone was for a second and just to freak out the next. Tip toeing further down the hall, I saw my grandpa sitting in his chair. Of course, by now my resolve was shattered and I felt nauseous. I darted down the hall and told myself now or never and balled up my fists. Coming back, my grandma's friend Miss Lori sat down in the chair, and he was gone. Everyone turned out to be outside at the moment.
Lunagal (1 stories) (4 posts)
7 years ago (2014-09-29)
In my dreams I see pretty random things. Like the phone call about my grandpa dying last year. A more recent happening that I remember the most was the news report dream. It was for some reason FOX news (I don't know if they actually covered the story, I found out the happenings on a news site) and in the dreams there was a blonde haired lady who said something along the the lines of "it's 9 am and today in New York City" and her voice cut out and I saw two buildings on fire. At first when I woke up I was confused why in the world I was dreaming about 9/11, but the weird thing was that those buildings weren't the same as the trade center ones. It was an electrical fire, killed 6, and happened at 11. I freaked out and couldn't do anything really useful for days. My parents didn't believe me.
Winter_Solace (109 posts)
7 years ago (2014-09-24)
You can call out to your guardian angel to help you during these nights. You can pray to God to comfort you and protect you and even call to Archangel Michael for protection. This will definitely help.

Whenever you hear whispers as you're in bed and falling asleep, do not answer them. It's a trick to make these dark/evil spirits, or demons, attached to you more. They are the ones who have enough spiritual power to make noises like footsteps or can even manipulate physical objects.

About these dreams... Can you tell me what exactly you see? These are visions of the near future you are having. You are being shown these things.

Hope this helps for now. If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask me =)

Take care and God bless!

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