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Obe - Singing In The Darkness


This happened when I was thirteen years old.

I moved around a lot as a child, and one of my moves took me to a big house on the west coast of Canada - right on the water. Before we moved in, we were told the land had been basically a garbage dump for First Nation people hundreds of years ago (my Mom is always very interested in past stories of the land, as we're Cree).

There were a few strange incidents which suggested the house was haunted - my step dad even said he saw a woman walking around one night, only to disappear when he tried to get a good look.

I was having incredibly strange dreams, and one night I had an out of body experience. Suddenly, I was floating over top of my body. It was detailed and clear - unlike other dreams I'd had. I could hear the quiet noises of the house - it was as if I was actually awake. I noticed a thin cord tied between me and my body, and I started floating out the door (which I left open, cause I was scared of the dark, hah).

I found this to be really exciting and fun, and I tried floating up towards the staircase that led to the front door, which was where you could gain access towards the top floor of the house and the basement.

I remember looking into where the basement is, and seeing a darkness. It was like the entire space was swallowed up by shadow. I started hearing faint voices, and I strained to look closer. They grew louder, and I heard chanting and singing - hundreds of low guttural voices getting louder and louder. I was filled with an incredible sense of dread. Suddenly, I felt a tug at my chest, and noticed a second cord was connected to me, and it was pulling me into the basement, into the darkness.

I panicked, absolutely terrified out of my mind, and I struggled to get free. I remember the voices growing louder, almost deafening.

Suddenly I woke up gasping, my heart racing. It was easily in the morning - still dark. I was shaking, but the feeling of dread had subsided.

We moved shortly after that, but I never forgot about what happened.

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