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What Are These Experiences I'm Having?


Ever since fifth grade, I've been having "experiences" but I never had an explanation to them.

The very first thing that happened to me was I'd just be sitting at my desk watching the teacher give lectures, then out of nowhere I'd see this shadow just bolt across the room, like it was extremely fast as if it were running from something or someone... Then it would vanish as quickly as it came. Eventually I stopped seeing the shadow.

A while after I saw the shadow I would be sitting at my desk, doing ny work (I noticed this strangely only occurred during E.L.A) I'd hear (my name) "Adrianna" be called in a whisper. The first two times I'd turn around and go, "Huh?" Oddly none appeared to be the culprit. I remember thinking "What the heck?". It continued for I don't know wherlike maybe once our twice a week for a good maybe 3-4 weeks. Eventually it stopped.

One time I was at a friend's house, we had just eaten cereal and she had gone downstairs to her room, a little while after I had finished my cereal I went to head downstairs. But right before I did I noticed there was the cross she usually has hanging on the wall in the living room was on the floor. I immediately got this really bad feeling. I called my friend saying she needs to look at this. When she did we stood in the living room and I heard "Oooooooo" we literally hugged each other scared to death. I knew she heard it too. All she kept saying was "the evil eye is shaking the evil eye is shaking!". (an evil eye is something Greeks use to ward off evil spirits I'm not Greek but she was) I looked but I don't see it shaking. We were there for a good 2 minute Strangely enough, all the windows were closed so I knew it wasn't the wind.

A while after that had happenned I had another experience. My verbs l friend invited me to her sister's birthday party (this would be the first time I go to her house) . So the night before I had this dream more like a vision, of this basement. The next day when I went to my friend's house, her basement looked exactly like my dream. Ever since then I had dejavu and occasionally had vivid dreams that came true.

I'm now in sixth grade... I use to see shadows out of the corners of my eyes but when I looked they vanished. I had gotten so scared once I said "Please God I'm not ready for this" then I stopped seeing the shadows. I remembered asking my self "not ready for what?".

I get ringing in my ears. I heard about tinnitus but have no hearing loss whatsoever.

Not to long ago I almost had an OBE without trying it was very frightening as I would see almost clear figures come towards me and some even right in front of me. I also could've sworn I heard a voice in one ear.

Sometimes when I look I see shimmery things everywhere Sometimes I could've sworn I saw a white blob.

I feel like this cold breeze on my forehead once and a while. I often get vibrations and tingling sensations. Last week (this happened only fur 2 days) I was doing my work and I see a shadow out the corner of my eye I looked and it was gone. The like 2 sec later my class mate that had used the hall pass was at the door.

Not to long ago I took a selfie and there was this woman's hands in a peace sign behind my right shoulder. Scared the crap outta me.

Am I going crazy!? Please help me. What are these experiences I'm having?

P.S I'll try to attach the photo

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Adrianna (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-01)
Okay thank you that's helps me out that's good Info to know
-_-Sleepy-_- (3 stories) (33 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-01)
Adrianna yes they can allways hear you even if you think about them you can summon them (trust me I know) but if you develop clairvoyance (meaning 'sight') you maybe able to see auras and/or the future
Adrianna (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-01)
Enceladus, thanks for the help. I hthave a question though, so if I develop this claraudiant ability does that mean I will be able to hear spirits as well as speak to them?
KingSoI (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-24)
I hope I ain't going crazy
First, about 4 months ago I saw a shine, a shine almost like a diamond in the sun.
Second, about 2 months I heard a voice calling me; It said " Ay... Yea you... I'm talking to ya..."
Third, just yesterday while sober I clearly saw a moving shadow.
Boson (179 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-23)
Hi Adrianna,

I totally agree what Enceladus wrote. I just wanted to add that ghosts and other entities from a different dimension are attracted to certain people, like you, because they are looking for anyone that are open to sense their presence so they can communicate.

Enceladus (guest)
9 years ago (2015-02-21)
No, you are not going crazy. In fact, my own experiences started in fifth grade just like you, so I felt the same way. I think that these spirits and entities are trying to get your attention. I had seen many shadow figures, white sparkling blobs, hearing whispers and ringing, and even had one OBE which tototally freaked me out.

The voices are just trying to get your attention, and the ringing is the spirits trying to communicate. If you want to develop your clairaudience, just listen to your surroundings very deeply. List all of the sounds you hear, or you could try classical music and pick an instrument to pay attention to. Having precognition, or visions is part of your clairvoyance. As time goes by, this can get weaker or stronger. I know little about past lives, but I know how déjàvu feels which is linked to past lives.

There might be some malevolent entities around you as the cross fell to the floor. I know nothing about any religions dealing with crosses, but negative entities seriously dislike them. Some can be very livid just being around them. Trying to determine whether those shadows you are seeing are good or bad is fairly easy. If you feel something negative towards them, then it is malevolent. If you feel nothing, I believe these mean no harm. I personally felt nothing to many of the shadows I have seen, and I am fine without any injuries physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Make sure to protect yourself from these negative energies. Just imagine a golden white sphere surrounding your whole body and program it to let in positive energy and keep out negative energy by thinking about it. If you have the time, try to meditate. You don't need to sit in a perfect lotus and hum a mantra out loud every time. Simply visualize a place you want to be (it can be anywhere!), and walk around that place. Just focus and concentrate on the place. Try to avoid your thoughts which is very difficult to do in the beginning. Another way is to simply make your thoughts quiet by avoiding your thoughts. I like to use this meditation as it can be done anywhere and anytime.

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