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My Experience With Energy


I am trying to know for sure what is is I see at night when in bed and seconds after light

Out. I wouldn't term it sparkles at all, but that seems the nearest thing I can find. I have had this for some time now.

So this is what I mean - above me, and all around the room, there is a large and moving mass of grey/silver 'energy' swirling, with bunches of extending tentacles, ever moving and reaching out, it must have a purpose! It looks vaguely like a sort of DNA diagram shape, it looks strange (because I do not understand it) but is rather beautiful.

I once had an enlightened spiritual teacher in Jerusalem, who said it was because It was the start of opening of my inner sight.

I am able to manipulate these 'tentacles' with a big intake of breath... They come right up to my face, in similar way I can seem to make them retreat a little. If I put my hand in the middle of this energy when it's close I feel a tingling... My cat sleeps beside me and the energy is above him as well.

This is not scary, in fact a comfort. I know it is some form of energy I can see but as yet not sure of what this prana /energy is.

I have been studying metaphysics and the astral planes for years, healing, life after death, higher spiritual planes, karma, even wicca.

I have been in numerious development circles. With all this study I am surprised I do not see spiritual beings. But I do not need to, as my faith is strong

Would be grateful to hear from anyone who maybe knows about this obviously natural phenomenon and perhaps experiences similar.


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isisxbrown1 (1 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-08)
everywhere I go... When I actually pay attention I see static... But its like invisible, but I can still see it moving. I don't know what this is...
trueself (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-07)
Thanks Kristin and Anja,
Would like to see all forms of energy in natural daylight, however I accept that I don't. The only colors I see are green, violets, pink, all swirling around while meditating... This is my inner sight of course.
I do not see auras sadly. But am sentitive to people's energies. I do feel the warm and tingly pull of energy with the hands together then apart, I do this into my night time energy mass.

I just embrace what I am able to perceive in the dark, by way of energy. In the meantime I am studying astral travel, and the plane's inhabitants, a bit of a shift from seeing energy, but it is all under the same umbrella. There are very helpful such video information on you tube.
its_kristin_ (3 stories) (10 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-02)
Anytime, even when it is not dark, I can see static in the air, what I presume is energy. It can be all different colors, mostly green, red, or blue, though. Shapes and blobs form from this, though I do not know what these are. The static moves in waves and lines or just whizzes around in no particular fashion. Occasionally, I also see sparkles or shadows. I can see auras. Can you (just wondering)?
(I tried something a few weeks ago. If you rub your hands together and then hold them a few inches apart, visualizing a ball of energy in your hands, you will be able to feel it, as if you are actually holding something. It may start to pulse as well. You might want to concentrate, although I don't really. I just sometimes do it absentmindedly when my hands tingle and heat up. Also you don't have to rub your hands, it just helps).
ajna (1 stories) (7 posts)
7 years ago (2015-02-27)
I haven't seen exactly what you're talking about but you can read my story about seeing sparkles/glitter above my bed. It happened to be in broad daylight though. I'm still not sure what to make of it but I don't think it's bad. Whatever it is felt positive and comforting. Maybe you are seeing leftover energy from someone who has passed. Some have described it to me as being able to see into the astral plane; a dimension different from our own. I say keep exploring and studying, you are doing something right!

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