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Restless Night


Last night was my first night I felt the presence of someone with me in our new apartment. I'm originally from Canada and felt someone watching over me but it never felt bad and I looked up at them as a mean of guidance and protection. Last night however, did not feel like that at all. It got pretty messed up and I'm not sure what to think of it. I never really reached out to my inner spiritual growth, but I know a presence when I feel it. I'm not sure, maybe my mind was tainted last night and I seemed delusional. I don't know, but brace yourself this is going to get a tad confusion, or at least it was for me.

Last night I was tossing and turning trying to get myself to sleep but I just felt this nagging sensation I was being watched. This feeling probably lasted about twenty or so minutes. I was lying down in bed staring at the curtains to our patio door and watched this tall shadow move back and forth slowly. Keeping in mind my boyfriend is a really heavy sleeper and he was snoring heavily and there was no way of waking him up without him getting grumpy. I just laid there hoping the feeling would go away. Turning myself to face him and curled up in a ball and started focusing on a blank mind, and my breathing, the feeling started to go away.

Then suddenly, this loud popping sound echoed in my ear followed by a faint laugh but it felt so near to my ear that my whole body jerk up and I found myself shaking in tears not making a sound but it woke my boyfriend up somehow. The feeling went away immediately, and I managed to fall asleep quickly afterwards but I'm still in awe and confusion and slightly nervous about what happened.

I feel like a spirit is playing with me, and I'm really now sure how to go about it

Am I delusional, has anyone felt something similar? What do I do?

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MagicMike (2 stories) (12 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-28)
I understand your situation as I have experienced this myself. The spirit will not harm you if it is visible. I am not saying invisible spirits are demonic but when visible a spirit is just visiting. Perhaps your boyfriend has the spirit overlooking him. It is nothing to be worried about. I understand you feel as if somebody is watching you and that is a form of spiritual consciousness. You are showing no signs of psychic abilities unless the spirit has directly contacted you. I am not saying it is obsurd you have psychic abilities if tne spirit does not contact you but if you were psychic you should be able to communicate with it.

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