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I Have Some Weird Experiences And Don't Know Further


I just found this page and hope it is useful.

Like the title says, I got some really weird experiences.

One was just 2 days ago, I was really angry about someone's behavior, so I didn't want a cable to work, so I thought it mustn't work. I felt an energy, while thinking hard about it. The end of it was, the cable, three plugs (nearby) and the TV weren't working for awhile. So sometimes when I don't want something to work/happen etc or want something to work/happen etc., I think about it and it's like I can control it.It's not always and most of the time it works pretty good, if I am angry. But I also have headaches after it (not often). Sometimes I dream about things and a few days later,they'll happen.

One or two times I could also control small objects, when I got angry. My best friend saw that also one time. When it's thundering, it feels like I get energy from it (or from certain people not only weather). When I am with people it's also like I can sense their feelings and even manipulate them.

So for example a person is sad I can sense it and if he/she doesn't want to tell me I can get them easily to tell me, without saying anything.It's really hard to explain.

Or someone hates a person, I can get them without saying a single word to like's so weird. I feel most comfortable in the forest or with candles if this helps. And another weird fact is I don't like being with people. I feel uncomfortable, when more than two people are near my location. So what is this? How do I control this?

I hope you can help me or tell me your stories.

Much thanks~

If more details needed tell me,please. Also tell me your ideas, thoughts etc,please.

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Arena76 (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2015-08-03)
Dear Michael,
I'm really thankful for your comment. It was really useful and gave me a different perspective of the things and the situation. I try to meditate and I know you're right about my anger.
Big thanks also for your own experiences.
MagicMike (2 stories) (12 posts)
6 years ago (2015-07-29)
I also experience the technological fault while infuriated and some may call it technokenesis. Technology does not behave while I am using it. I have previously smashed bulbs on my ceiling when infuriated and it is natural if you have psi abilities. I think for some of your experiences there are scientific explanations but for the most part you have psi abilities. You are very unhinged with electricity and energy like a broken relationship. You should try the use of crystals. Some crystals and gemstones can quieten the energy around you and balance your energy in the process. You are very special but you need to stop becoming angry. Once you become agitated and vicious electricity will behave equally. I feel you are very open to nature and quickly realised you were different. As for the telekinesis part I would say there is a scientific explanation but it may even be the energy around you. Please undertake meditation and different tactics of relaxation to manipulate energy and electricity without becoming angry.

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