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Abilities Stronger During Pregnancy


These past few months have been incredibly exciting for me, and at the same time incredibly disappointing. My relationship is crumbling, this new life growing within me is more than he can bear and I have been become a roommate. He doesn't want this baby, but with everything I've experienced so far in this pregnancy I know that this child is meant to live.

There were several omens that signaled the arrival of this child. These omens prompted me to take a pregnancy test and lo and behold, here we are with this bloated little belly.

-a cactus I take care of that only blooms once a year for three days bloomed for the first time the day I found out I was with child.

- I have been seeing the same repeating numbers every day for the past two months (I'm two months along). 333 444 555

- visions of angels, and a new spirit guide that has made himself known to me. The angel Metatron. I know little about angels but I've been told by two other psychics and also in my visions that Metatron is the name of my guide. He's come to me during visions and gave me a name for my child. 'Carmen' I've been told that this is a huge deal, but I have never worked with the angels before so I will admit that I'm not familiar with how they operate. I've really enjoyed the experience however, the angel guide is a lot more 'softer' than my other guides.

-chance encounters. I am completely new to the area I'm currently living in and within the past two months I have met several people who are all experiencing similar abilities and have opened up about them. 'Something told them to' this to me is a very good sign that the process is moving along just as it should.

-My guides have spoken through me on a few occasions and caused some interesting situations. I credit one guide for finally saying 'I quit' to my boss after I had been treated unfairly. I was taken aback by it but I also know that if he wouldn't have said it then I would have continued to be in a toxic environment where I was not appreciated.

There are a few other little happenings but those are the ones resonating with me at this moment. Thank you for reading! I would love to read your comments! Light and Love!

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Lyro (468 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-08)
I'm going to assume first off that you had your own abilities before becoming pregnant. This makes sense to me if you think about it: You have another life inside of you, with it's own soul and energy. Since you're psychic, you've passed traits down to your offspring, that even before being born is still connected with you. From this I see your child being an Empath. It's common for Empaths to not only find others that are similarly different, but others can feel a... Gentleness about an Empath and share even their deepest secrets with them. That's a good thing. It's happening with you since you're connected with your child during pregnancy. I started off being an Empath myself, so I'm quite familiar with the different traits one has:)

I haven't dealt with Angels, or other spiritual beings as much as I probably should have. I'm more experienced with abilities than beings. Though I will say the ones that I have had messing with my life have been quite annoying:p

I wish you luck, and feel free to ask if you have other questions or concerns,
~ Lyro

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