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In 2012 I was taking a course in hypnotherapy. I was recovering from 4th stage throat cancer and was looking for pain and nausea relief. On the first day we participated in a guided imagery exercise. We were instructed as a group to close our eyes and relax and imagine ourselves at the bottom of a pit, with the walls covered in vines, and a small hole of light at a distance above us. As we were going through the exercise of climbing out of the pit, a perfect polaroid picture appeared in front of my eyes of a light brown skinned woman with a broad nose, full lips, brown eyes and a shoulder length bob haircut, with her left hand up on the back of the couch. I pulled out of the exercise a little startled and asked in my mind 'Who is this picture of?'. I got "Angela", like it was my own voice in my head, which is how all my experiences are. After the exercise finished and we were instructed to go for a walk to think about our personal experiences from this exercise. I got outside and asked in my head, A short time later I then happened upon another student who was walking slow because of a walking foot cast he had on. He asked, "How did it go for you?" I asked him to tell me about his experience first. Afterwards, I was completely honest and explained everything and he immediately says "I know an Angela" and right then I got in my mind another very intense thought "Spanish not Mexican." And so I stated "Spanish not Mexican" and he said "yeah. Very much so." Then I asked "Well do you know a Chris or Christine maybe?" He said, "My name is Chris!" I was shocked. I was not familiar with the names in the class yet. He then asked if I knew who it was from? I stated I will ask later because I was a little weirded out. And I so did, I got my name "Robert". I immediately dismissed it thinking 'Ok, I am just making this up'. 2 hours later he comes by and asks, "Did you get a name?" I said "I think so, but why don't you list some names so I am not planting any in your mind." He said one name, I said "No", he said another name, I said "No", then he says "It wasn't Robert was it?" I said "Yes?" He said "Robert was Angela's first boyfriend, he killed himself a year and a half after they started dating." I have gotten information throughout my life like this but I rarely have this kind of follow up. It is awkward but I am at a point I feel I need to do something with it or it will consume me. Anyway, that is just one of several. Best wishes to all.

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Daredevil_Otaku (1 posts)
5 years ago (2015-12-16)
That was amazing! I want to experience something like that on my own! Who do you think Angela is? I wonder why she appeared in your mind! This is what's interesting about mental exercises; before you know it, you've start to experience something phenomenal! I've got to try this. Do you think if you've try this exercise again something is going to happen? 😳 😆 😁

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