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Energy Fog


During the time I was married to my ex-wife, I had something occurring to me that I've not read about in any books. It is only with the advent of the Internet and sites like this one that such information has been able to be shared. Although I have scanned some of the stories people have submitted to this site and I see similarities in what happened to me and the other contributors. So on to what happened to me. This phenomenon continued for a period of ten or so years. On many occasions I would sit in the privacy and quiet of the bathroom and free my mind of thought. Many times this was after we had gone out for a night of dancing and I was not ready to retire. So as I was sitting I would relax and not concentrate on anything that happened that night.

When I reached a proper state of mind, my sight would become clouded by a slight 'fog'. If my mind did not wander the fog would become denser. The 'fog' moved around in a similar fashion that the white static on old television sets did. At times the fog would roll around as if being blown by a soft wind. This fog had many points within it of what I would say was energy. The energy points would move or vibrate within the 'fog'. When the energy points were highly active the fog did not appear to roll. When it took place, I could not see anything of the physical world except this 'fog' of energy. The phenomena could continue on for a minute or for a few minutes. It all depended on how long I wanted to have the experience or how relaxed I remained. It was as if I was able to see what the air was composed of by simply relaxing my mind. I would venture to say this phenomena happened between two and three dozen times in the course of a decade.

At no time was I worried or freaked out. I assumed it was a natural phenomenon and one that I was fortunate to experience.

The strange thing is that when I went to India and was initiated by my guru (the head of an order of Indian nuns) it rarely happened any more.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-09)
I agree it is energy.

Did your Guru ever say why closing your 3rd Eye was important?
Was it to help you focus?

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