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Smelled Incense To St Pius By Train Tracks


I am a atheist that is highly interested in the paranormal. It was on January 18, 2016 we were going to church to Veneta St. Pius and we smelled incense on the train tracks when we were in the car only that day never happened again strange right? I used to be Catholic then turned agnostic in 6th grade then turned atheist in 9th grade. My dad thinks it was supernatural because he is Catholic, and or Christian he used to be atheist but he changed. To me seeing is believing I have to see it to believe. I always go for rational explanations first but this I cannot fully explain because there was there no train that came by when we arrived. The only possible explanation I can think of with is the train came way way before and had coals that smelled like incense. But then another day train did came but did not smell the incense again. Like I said I never smelled it again even though I am delusional and I do hallucinate but this was no hallucination or delusion at all. It was not just me that smelled the incense my dad did smelled cannot remember if my cousin was there and smelled it but I think he was there and smelled it. Like I said we only smelled incense when we were in the vehicle going to church but never smelled it again even leaving church that day.

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