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Want To Train What I Have Now


Where do I start? Well, when I was five years old, an old man died in front of my eyes; it was a bloody scene. Although back then, I didn't understand what it really meant, it started scaring me when I turned 12. I started telling apart movements in the air that no one else could see. It took shapes of shapeless objects, sometimes humans.

I first tried the Ouija Board when I was 12 and the spirit, instead of telling her name, told us the tittle of a document that she made before. That said her name and when she died as well.

Once, my friend started telling me that it's as if she is being haunted by someone. A few days later she started acting strange, another two weeks later she got meningitis. I decided to take her theory and see if someone haunted and then possessed her. I used the Ouija board again and after a few tries I contacted the right one. Her name was Camaride and she was about 1200 years old. She possessed a body so when it dies, she can cling on to the original soul to "rest in peace." Obviously wanting to do something about that, did research on getting the spirits out of there. Somehow I managed to exorcise the spirit and my friend started getting better fight away, after a month of no improvement in the hospital.

I feel energy flowing through my body and I can somewhat control it. If a tv show on my computer jams/stops for a moment, I release some and it came back on right away. I'm not scared anymore. I even took the zener card test... 10/25.

Recently, I started loosing the ability and I want to get it back or train it. After all, experiencing things like these, I don't want to lose them at age 14. Can someone please help? Even a penpal would be great.


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Storm2 (2 stories) (11 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-27)
I only have one word to say "meditation" do it about 5-10 minute a day and in about a week your powers will be back, and or strong then ever... I wish you the best of luck

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