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Seeing The Future In My Dreams?


This is my first post so i'm a little unsure about where to start and how to go about posting something on the internet:)

A little background information: 19 year old, female.

Around 5 years ago, I had my first "sleep paralysis" experience. It all began as I was about to fall asleep, my eyes were closed and I saw three bright white lights circling me in my bed (like angels surrounding me- I don't know what they actually were). During my dream, or more accurately- nightmare, I saw a woman's head (beheaded with blood dripping, eyes open) hanging from a rope above a garden water fountain in the most beautiful garden I've ever seen, with vines and pink flowers. As a I came across this woman's head, I started to scream in my dream but nothing came out of my mouth, I tried to run but physically I felt half asleep/ half awake. I felt as though a demon was sitting on my chest and the bright lights were no longer there. I started to run in my dream but something was chasing me from behind and in my waking state, I could not move as I had been paralyzed. It was the most traumatizing dream that I've ever had in my life. I am curious as to what this may have been? Could they have been angels or demons?

Ever since that day, I've been having "precognitive" dreams where I would dream something, and I will come across that exact same thing within the next 24 hours to a week at most (the dreams are very vivid). For example, the other night I dreamt that there was an evil red fox in my house, scraping its nails on my door trying to kill me. It hugged me, as does my dog and squeezed me so tight like a snake does to its prey, that somehow I got electrocuted. Then, earlier today I was walking my dog, and in bright daylight- there was the exact same red fox on the street, staring at me and my dog. The weird thing is, I associated the fox (in my dream) with my dog as they are both fury, and yet- today whilst I was walking my dog, I saw the fox which tried to attack my dog. Also, I once had a dream of a colourful elephant then the next day in my biology class we learned about thermo-regulation and on the teacher's slide was an elephant with different colours (representing the different temperatures within the elephant's body). I know that sounds weird but I never saw that elephant nor knew anything about the topic beforehand. I am wondering whether or not I am seeing the future because these are just a few of many examples.

I don't know if my sleep paralysis experience is linked to me having these dreams but they only just started 3 months after that paralysis dream. Also, I've had a dream that I've had contact with aliens and they came down to take me, once the spaceship opened there was a bright white light and I don't remember the rest of the dream/ don't know if there was any more to it or if it was a dream or real life. I am a strong believer in alien life and am wondering maybe they tried to contact me in some way. I frequently meditate and also have out of body experiences whilst doing so.

I would like to know you thoughts regarding these experiences I am having and/or if i'm the only weird one that's going through this.

Extra note: I've always been one to question, not into technology and gadgets as well as being a very peculiar individual (quite a loner/ enjoy alone time very much). I don't know what's wrong with me or if it's all in my head (of course it is) :)

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gthlvrmx (64 posts)
6 years ago (2016-06-09)
Hello legalalien5,

I thought I hit "send" when wrote you that reply comment days ago, maybe it didn't go through. But to answer your questions, I believe our ancestors may have relied on their psychic gifts more so that may be why we still have them, just something we inherited from them. They may have used it as a way to "protect" themselves or alert others of danger around (telepathy, and with how my future seeing gift works, I can send messages to my past and future selves).
But science still needs to open up more and advance a bit with the paranormal and psychic gifts with more research, progress, etc.
How it can help others-the future is not always set in stone so you can change the outcome of the futures you see. Not always, but sometimes you can do that.
legalalien5 (1 stories) (3 posts)
6 years ago (2016-06-06)
Dear areNdee,

I wouldn't say I'm freaked out, it's just a different experience.

I myself, am doubting science these days after reading things online about the "hollow earth"... We shouldn't believe everything we are told and as you said, it's our duty to find out for ourselves but in order to do that, we need the tools and we certainly won't be given the scientific gadgets needed to find out the truth, I'm sure the government would rather have us stay put and be obedient little beings 🤔. I'll be sure to check out these YouTube videos.

I also do wonder: in " western medicine" whether I am schizophrenic because I've had these experiences. That's what I'll be labelled as and that's the only logical explanation though it doesn't cause me distress so it shouldn't be a sickness? Then again, I do wonder whether schizophrenic people are actually mentally I'll or whether they can communicate with lost spirits. I'm a very skeptical person...

Either way, I think I have just starred this so called awakening journey and have a lot to learn so am open to all possibilities and interpretations.

Your help is very much appreciated, thanks!
areNdee (3 stories) (6 posts)
6 years ago (2016-06-06)
I have something similar. Though I do not remember the dreams I have. Mine are more like Deja Vu. Except that when I have the Deja Vu I remember that I dreamed it. I can relate in that sense.

I'm also quite the loner though I do enjoy being around small groups of people. Or really large groups if I've had something to drink.

This might help. Since you're 19 you might be freaked out about experiencing all this (this is an assumption, and I know age has nothing to do with "maturity" or anything else really, though for me it started happening at 24-25 and I was scared shiatless). The way our civilization views time or what being a "civil"-ization is, is completely off.

What I'm trying to get at, is the fact that our society (especially western society) has turned towards a model of science which is completely corrupted and not actual science anymore. The things which are perpetuated as truth and the ones which are shunned (such as your dreams, or anything spiritual for that matter) are marked as pseudo-science or even sci-fi. This impacts our society greatly, in a way that does not help us reach our full potential. In fact there is a distortion and people get really confused.

So if you are freaked out about dreaming about the future. There is no reason for that. As most of the "physics" and "truths" people have been taught are comparable to a big fat pink elephant (which might be real, but not from an inter-subjective view).

Some people call what you have a "gift". For a long time I viewed my dreams of the future as future as a curse. I've experienced a lot of "bad" things and when my future dreams started to go into overdrive, I started looking at these things as something that just added some salt into my wounds. Nowadays I just laugh at it and move on. So it can be either, or both. It depends on your perspective.

If you have someone to guide you or if you wish to strengthen your abilities on your own you can do that. It might be pretty awesome to see what you can do.

I can across this guy named Ian Wilson on youtube. He has some videos (not very active anymore) about categories of dreaming of the future. The one I have is Deja Reve.

Someone else worth looking at it Art Funkhauser. He is a scientist who works on dreaming, I get a Carl Jung feeling about him.

The advice gthlvrmx gave to write down your dreams is excellent. I don't do it because it's not really a habit. But once something like this becomes a habit it should be easy to do, and I've read about people greatly benefiting from it.

All the scientists in the world cannot tell you who you are or what you are meant to do here. That is for you to find out. It's immensely personal and if someone laughs at you for the things that are in your experience they either:

1. Do not have a similar experience.
2. Are in a certain phase where they have not opened up to things like that.

Though you can't hold things like that against them. I was and probably you as well, just like them until the moment we "awakened". Which is a term I don't really like because it implies something like those who are "awakened" are somehow better.

I've read people saying things like: "Well you're just fast asleep, so you don't know anything!". Which roughly equals calling someone an idiot, though some what more civil.

Everyone is your equal, everyone who you interact with has an impact on you and you carry that for the rest of your life. So in fact they become you.

I hope I helped a little bit with my perspective. It's a bit more focused on science than most of the others on here. This is because I would like to see a more intimate relationship between science and spirituality. They are after all, two sides of the same coin. Like you and me:).

I wish you all the best, areNdee.
legalalien5 (1 stories) (3 posts)
6 years ago (2016-06-04)
Hello gthlvrmx,

Thanks for your input. Its comforting to know I'm not the only one that goes through this. I would just like to add that yes I do use crystals during meditation and have tried them during black magic (which actually worked but won't be partaking in that activity again as karma does indeed come back around).

I would like to ask if you have any knowledge as to why we have precognitive dreams? Does it have any relevance to becoming more spiritually awake (I'm guessing so)? I asked my biology teacher and he said that he knows "for sure" I cannot see the future in my dreams as it is not logically possible. Is there an explanation for this as there certainly is no biological one.

It's nice to know I am gifted and I really do enjoy knowing that I can see the future even if others don't believe me. The dreams are getting stronger so I will continue meditating.

However, how could this help me and others? Sometimes I find it difficult to separate out the normal dreams from the precognitive ones. For example, if someone was to get into a car accident in my precognitive dream, I wouldn't be able to stop them if I thought it was a "normal dream". I cannot deny that some precognitive dreams are more vivid and I just " have that feeling that something will happen".

Thanks, legalalien5 😊
gthlvrmx (64 posts)
6 years ago (2016-06-04)
Hello legalalien5,

Sleep paralysis happens when your spirit (astral body) returns to your physical body and then your mind wakes up before your physical body does. The physical body is in the physical world, it is physical matter, so it creates that "heavy feeling". If you relax enough during sleep paralysis, you might be able to make your physical body go back to sleep and float out of your physical body and go out astral traveling. The woman might have been ghost sharing to you how she died, so just in case (and I am not saying it was for sure, but just in case I have some help for that) you can ask your guardian angel (Archangel Michael, same thing) to 'FIND' the woman who's head was hanging from a rope above a water fountain in your dream and to 'TAKE' that woman into healing. The angels will get the woman and cross her over into Heaven after that:)

I am no demonologist and I have no personal experience with demons so I can't really help with the demon part except suggest the Michael Invocations and White Light Shields if you ever need them. Google them, they are on Ama Nazra's webpages. I also want to say during sleep paralysis, it is common for people to feel a "heaviness" on their chest. It usually isn't a demon or a negative entity.

Since you say you meditate frequently, I think that is the reason why you are having more precognitive dreams. Do you use crystals as well? Crystals can stimulate, intensify, and enhance psychic gifts as well. If you feel comfortable with your precognitive dreams, continue with your meditations and allow yourself to progress. The gift of precognition your are expanding or receiving through meditation is a good bonus for you. It might one day help you or others in the future. Maybe you can keep a dream journal and write down your dreams every time you wake up and be extremely specific and detailed about your dreams. It will help. I also see the future through my dreams, so I understand you, you're not crazy:)

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