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Apparition in Triangular Shape


I have 2 stories to relate here and would appreciate comments. My first and least ambivalent story starts with me sat on my computer in the early hours. My computer is in my front hall and directly facing my front door so that whilst sat at it I have my back to the door. There is a stairway to my left leading to my children' bedrooms with wooden railings. I opened the front door and went outside to have a smoke but left the door open when I returned to my chair. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw what can only be described as a black inverted triangle about 1 and a half foot high moving swiftly up the stairs.

At the time, I dismissed it as just my imagination and tiredness creeping into my vision.

2 days later, my daughter, about 4 at the time, told my wife and I that she was very upset because a man had hurt her during the night. I asked her to describe the man but she could not, so I asked her to draw him. What she drew chilled me to the core. She drew a dark inverted triangle with no limbs and no other appendages. I asked her to correct this but she insisted that this is what the man looked like. I have no explanation for this and my daughter has thankfully never seen it or been hurt since.

My second experience is less easy to explain. I often take my family camping and we own a very large family tent with 4 bedroom compartments that sleep three each. There are 6 of us and this size suits a large family. My 2 girls, one now 8, the same one that saw the strange shape years before and my elder daughter, 17 at the time of this event, in a compartment together and my wife and I in the one next to it. The canvas doors were open so that I could clearly see into all compartments and my 2 boys were opposite.

It was 2 AM and I was coming around from sleep because I needed the toilet. I lay there for a while semi conscious but aware. I noticed a light, about 8 inches in diameter hovering about 2 and a half feet above my girls as they slept. But as I snapped to full awareness and was about to get out of bed, the light disappeared. It did not fade or move, it just disappeared. I felt like it had somehow sensed that I was awake and aware of it and it fled.

I have searched for some kind of explanation for this and found none and nobody I have spoken to have heard of such an experience but I know what I saw and I know I was awake and not still dreaming. If someone can help me put this together I would be grateful.

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Cyantriangle (1 stories) (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-02-17)
Hello. I have sort of a similar experience. I haven't been able to find anyone or anything online that is similar to my story. I actually made an account just to comment on this post. More than 10 years ago I was in bed. My bedroom door was open. In the corner of the open door frame there was a fairly large floating triangle. It was cyan or teal in color. The point was upside down. It almost seemed to be glowing. I didn't feel scared even though I was pretty young. I think I eventually fell asleep. I just remember staring at it all night. I never saw it again.

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