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Apparitions From The 1800s


I live in an old house from the 1800s. During that time into the mid 1900s there was this huge, very popular, rich hotel in front of my home and my house was where the employees of the hotel worked. In such an old house, weird, paranormal things happen.

Doors randomly slam, there's many abnormal shadows, they're a few apparitions that I communicate with and see. There used to be this really loud bang that would happen every so often in a day and it vibrated the entire house - we inspected everything, it wasn't any of our tenants, or appliances, or anything. Being me, I assumed it was some sort of spirit who was never able to rest. One night I went into my basement and just sat there and talked into the darkness. At one point I felt a change in the air, like something was there, I asked the spirit to please leave my family alone and try to find peace. After that, we heard no more loud bangs and everything was fine.

The other night I saw this young girl standing at the corner of my dad's dresser. She was absolutely beautiful and dressed in an almost late-Gothic style white dress. She told me that her mother had murdered her in the 1890s and that her mother was a maid at the hotel. She said that her mother was schizophrenic and that her mother had said to her, "I have to do it, if I don't Michael will kill me." Michael was the mother's imaginary-abusive boyfriend. I also saw the girl the night after that, she's absolutely amazing but it scares me a little to see her.

Also in my home, I see a mother and her baby, a tall man in a suit, and a few rich people. It's quite extraordinary, but it scares me.

If I tell somebody, they'll call me crazy. If I don't tell them and somebody else does, I'll go to a hospital. I can't win here!

Any input?

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