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An Apparition?


I'm back again, and (in my opinion) becoming increasingly insane. This story is semi-crazy, and even I don't believe what I've seen.

Normally, I don't believe in apparitions. To me, they're just tricks of the eye, or in photos, they're just photoshopped. Lately I'm almost sure it isn't a trick. The shapes stay a little longer, and I can identify them. In school (used to be an orphanage) I've been seeing children around in a certain room, and a distinct brown-haired, purple clothed boy, looks like he's aged about 17 years. I cast this stuff off, and didn't really think much of it, until last weekend. I went to my grandma's house, which is very, very old. Nothing much happened there, until I was walking up the stairs while texting my girlfriend. I looked up, and coming out of the dark room next to me was a girl, clothed very casually in white socks, loose jeans, and a white T-shirt, and had long black hair like an emo girl's would look. It spooked me badly, and I turned around very casually and walked back down the stairs. After pondering the incident for about 15 minutes, I realized, that girl looked EXACTLY like my "guardian angel" who I talk to in my dreams, and who seems to be the polar opposite of the black creature I mentioned before. She's also like a fortune cookie, giving me vague and cryptic tips about the future (all of which came true) and pretty much my overall life-guide. She claims to be human, and gave me a life story of hers. Anyway, the "apparitions" have been lingering longer with every migraine I get. Am I seeing apparitions, or just going insane?

Any questions regarding the black creature or my "guardian" can be sent to my email, Thanks for reading this!

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harrypotterrules (1 stories) (89 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-15)
I agree with megamrsadams. You are completely sane. I think that she was trying to prove to you that she is real. I was meant to side with these other users and to tell you that you are not hallucinating. Good luck if it's a demon imitating your guardian angel, by the way.
Cristine (8 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-13)
The thing is that when you are a young person you seem to be in a mode of dreaming (constant daydreaming). Because your emotions are haywire from your hormonal imbalances women especially are more prone and sensitive to the paranormal than boys are. When I was a younf gal before teen years I used to have multiple accounts of deja-vu. I used to think I was abnormal because of what I could see that no one else around me could and the last thing I wanted to do was tell an adult what I was seeing. When there is mental illness in the family such as schizophrenia, a child revealing strange things can become a disaster. When I was 5 and seeing monsters of people without their faces, a black emptiness was there. It frightened me so much that I thought that something must be wrong with me because as it was I was the only one to be seeing these bizarre things other than for my Uncle who was a diagnosed schizophrenic.

The thing that has been accounted for time and time again is that psychic ability takes decades and decades of training so when it begins it is usually starting to look at you at a young age long before puberty. So when people say that they have all these things happening to them in thier teens when their psychic ability began, I look at it as it is something that you will out-grow like a pair of shoes. Don't waste your time looking and analyzing every weird event in your life because if you do you will have wasted the best years of your life. 😊
megamrsadams (7 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-09)
wow! How do you stay so calm? That's my question. You are not insane. If what you are saying about this emo haird girl is true then she may be your gaurdian angel and she may be trying to tell you something very important and that's why she is showing up more clearly and not just in dreams. I have only seen two apparitions in my life. One I was so young that I can not remember but the story is retold to me by my mother who is also psychic and one about when I was 15. To me these apparitions are like little visits. Also my opinion I find that they can show themselves in real life or in your dreams. I had a dream about a young girl once and it was very intense and I woke up still feeling her presence but I was to shaken up to act on it because of the intensity. I have a feeling these apparitions are spirits asking for help. The little girl in my dream was asking for help and I told her to go away and now I feel awful that I didn't help her, you have this chance to help them. Don't be scared but be cautious. Good luck on your adventure

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