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Daughter Of 14 Being Followed And Breathed On


I am writing this for my daughter who is 14 and now being frightened out of her wits. She just came in from school in tears and we need help!

Over the last few weeks my daughter has had this presence when she was going to bed to start with. At the beginning, during night she would be awakened by the sound of footsteps across landing and into her room, and then would question me the next morning if I was up during night, which I was not. She was not to bothered about this at this stage.

Then, it became that the 'thing' would either sit on her feet, legs or chest, this is when she started to become worried, as when it was on her chest she could hardly breathe.

The next bit was that she could hear like a wheezy breathing in her room and all pieces were coming together: the footsteps, the breathing and the sitting on her.

She then was starting to get the feeling during the day of someone following her to school, but the strange thing was that they would have their hand on her right shoulder. She had said to friends who she walks to school with, as they kept asking her why she kept turning and looking behind. She doesn't think they believe her and this is making her more worried that they think she is nuts!

Only last week, she was awakened out of her sleep as she felt something on her feet. When she looked down the bed, she could see a tiger cub lying asleep on the bottom of her bed. When she told me this she was not that bothered but thought it kind of cute in a way. I believe her on this as my friend does have a wolf beside her at all times of trouble, so I put that down to the same thing, as she was completing exams that week.

Only today, it is worse! I just opened the door to her when she came home from school and was in tears - inconsolable! I asked what had happened, thinking something to do with school, but I am now disturbed to think that she is feeling really scared now.

My daughter has explained that this 'thing' has followed her all day today, behind her with hand on shoulder when walking up to school this morning, following her around classes all day. Has even felt it breathing on her all day and felt it sitting on her desk watching her.

I just don't know where to turn, if it is good, evil or whatever! We need help!

We have over the past few years had a few deaths in family, my grandmother died in 2002, my grandfather died in 2010 also did my great uncle, and then recently my boyfriend's father passed away in November.

My daughter has said that she has tried to think of it as being her great grandmother or great uncle to make it seem good, but she just does not get the good feeling about it all of the time, she says that sometimes she feels it is going to hurt her. I have tried to make it positive by telling her it could be someone watching over her keeping her safe, like her guardian angel, but after today, I'm not too sure.

Can anyone help?

Yours truly

A frightened mum x

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Cristine (8 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-13)
I am 42 years of age and there has been times that I refused to sleep with the light off because of what I was experiancing and some to do with it being my fault as a psychic/medium. I wasn't taking charge of what was coming in and before long it was scaring me day and night. I believe in Christ and God, which is the ultimant power and influence against what cannot be seen or bargained with when it comes to teh paranormal. I cannot stress this enough that you and your daughter's faith and prayer have over the negetive influences that plague your daughter.
"In teh name of Jesus Christ I demand that you leave me alone. Go away!" Recite the Lord's prayer over and over again, having your daughter recite it as well, out-loud, whatever makes her feel comfortable. You have to sound-off like a mean, vicious person who is not going to take any crap.
I also exercised using voo-doo as a means to eliminate and "confuse" my un-wanted guests. Garlic, peeled and in many cloves about the house, your daughter's bedroom and on her person is VERY effective because ghosts hate the smell of it! In a lot of ways garlic is like spraying Raid on a bug. I have used a pair of shoes that I normally walk in and placed them by my bedroom door on the inside and outside, placing each shoe going in the opposite direction. I have placed red paper to line all of my doors in my house inside and out and said a prayer in a chanting sort of way that is effective for medium-communicators, "no one is to pass through this red door who is an enemy, a foe, not a friend because if they do... Hell will await them. In the name od Jesus Christ, He makes this so."

Burning sage and using prayer chanting as a family is and has helped cleanse homes from negetive spirits (not always evil, but negetive).

The sitting on your daughter's chest so she can't breathe or sqeezing teh ribs that is commonly experianced by sensitive people to the paranormal is not a good thing, not even in the slightest. In fact, that experiance's a said to be a demon. A night demon (not an incubus) that comes and victimizes the sleeping, which makes people extremely vulnerable when they sleep.

Fight together with your daughter and your family involved and invested in this. Talk to a priest, a bishop, or what have you even if you are not religious (any God-fearing church will welcome you with prayers and help, and guidance. The more of you the more and better chance you are at in deafeating what is terroizing your daughter.)

Also take into account that because your daughter is in that age group where hormones are raging and nightmares are more likely to be a re-occrurence that there are and can be other enviromental factors that are creating the negetivity to your daughter to be attracted to her vulnerability, such as stress, depression, and other forms of mental illness in young people is NOT uncommon.

Your ultimant weapon is your faith and love for your child and in God. ❤
charmsdes (7 stories) (19 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-12)
In my old place I had a similar experience. There was this particular man who would apparate at times and stare at me through the night. This went on for three months. I could hear him talk to me in my mind. He threatened to harm my boyfriend (now husband). I would sleep with the light on because my house was haunted but that didn't deter any of the entities from making their presence known or felt.

This man ghost would stay in my room from around midnight right until the break of dawn. On nights that he wouldn't appear to me, he would be lying down beside me. I could hear him breathing and snoring right near my ear. I could see the dent in the pillow next to me. I would freak out. I thought I was losing my sanity. I would pray fervently, recite Psalm 91, I even sprinkled the entire room with Holy Water but this one was a stubborn one. He claimed that he had been in love with me and he would get me at any cost. (Telepathic conversations and dreams)

Then one night I decided to respond. I told him out loud that I was not the one he was looking for and that he should go towards the light. I kept repeating that night after night for a whole week and by the end of the week he had disappeared. This was one of the scariest experiences I've ever had. This man ghost looked evil. He was dressed in white Quaker shorts and a white vest but his face was evil and rigid.

Tell your daughter to say this "I am not the person you seek. I mean you no harm. Go towards the light you will find the happiness you seek there. Go towards the light, your peace awaits you there."
Becky666 (124 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-08)
In your situation I would recommend your daughter do a visualization exercise where she closes her eyes and imagines that she is becoming a pure white light
Edmund (578 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-08)
gummybear... Would it follow your daughter into a church? Would it put its hand on her shoulder if you first sprayed some holy water on her shoulder or clothes? Would her bedroom be safer if you first burnt some sage... Put a bible on the landing... What kind of reaction do you get... I have slept with a few bibles in my bed... I got some needed sleep so that I could think better and get a toe hold to better fight the negative energies that were bothering me.
gummybear (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-07)
Sorry, from last post I forgot to add that we had been recently at a market and purchased a dream catcher for my daughter and I got talking to a native american indian and he blessed her dream catcher, I explained what had been happening and he thought it was a good thing!

Anne, sorry but could you tell me what is Smudging? I'm not sure about all of this and how do we know who her guide is?

I have never known who or where to go to regarding this and it is confusing for someone who has dealt with this situation myself and not known how to get help.

gummybear (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-07)
Thank you AnneV and PathR for response, these are very much appreciated.

AnneV, I understand where you are coming from on what you have said, she has been worried at school over her exams as she is doing mock GCSEs at moment. Although, she has always worried over exams and never had anything like this happen before to her.

PathR, we have lived at this house for 14 years this month, although, as I have had experiences myself since I was 15 year old I had asked our minister at the time to come and bless the house before we moved in. There has not been anything extraordinary with my daughter between 12/13, she has always been a happy and healthy child, and nothing strange has happened in the house that I am aware off.

I did personally have an experience in this house when my daughter was about a year old. I was sitting in living room watching television which was situated at wall between kitchen door and living room/hall door (both were closed tight and it was a summer's night), my daughter was in bed. She had a large beach ball which had been left behind living room door with nothing else aside it, and whilst I watched television, I could see from the corner of my eye that the ball had started to move across the floor from one corner of the room to the front of the television, about 4feet. There were no drafts or wind about in the house. Believe me, it scared the wits out of me at the time as I have had something with me in each house I have lived in, and it was never a nice experience.

I am scared that it has moved to my daughter now and don't want her to go through what I did, knowing that I have been laughed at and rediculed for talking about my experiences.

Any help would be appreciated.

Frightened mum x
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-07)
gummybear, how long have you lived in this place?

It does seem as if there is a male soul
Whom seems to be a person whom once lived there.
And a pet that resided in the home, which likes your daughter. Seems she is in a hypnocognic state.
Your daughters intuition is on the mark not
Identifying them as family or guardian.

As stated by AnneV, puberty can also be an awakening.
But unless you mention events between 12-13, then your
Daughter would not fall into that catagory.
But would be other externational areas bringing this about.
Most children as stated see,sense,hear spirits during youth many have imaginary friends.

For the psychic activity I can tell you what to do.
Just email me on my User name.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
13 years ago (2011-12-07)
The issue where she feels someone is sitting on her feet, her chest, and feeling like she can't breathe are all classical symptoms of what is known as night terrors or hag syndrome. I call it something else and that is becoming conscious in the etheric. We often also cannot move because our physical is disconnected from our mind (this is necessary so we don't act out our sleep and hurt ourselves). The etheric is the field right next to the physical (think of kirlian photography). We can, in this state, see through closed eye lids and perceive non physical things and in her case a tiger cub. You can read more about the etheric and other anomalies on my sister site

First, your daughter is young. Situations and events for a young person are not going to be understood the same as an adult. They are going to be naturally perceived as frightening. Even adults fear what they don't know. That is human nature. It very well could be a relative following her around but unless she can actually see them they are just going to come across as terrifying and personally, aunt, uncle, grandmother or not, I really don't want to feel anyone's breath on my shoulder either! I don't blame her for feeling this way. However, of the countless Near Death Experiences I have read, deceased relatives do not come back and generally torment a family member. To even be perceived in this realm means something of a lower nature (generally but not always as we have divine influence as well).

Some children have a more naturally thin veil between this vibrational dimension and the next, however, I find it more unusual that this has not come up sooner in her life. If she were born this way you'd know as soon as she could talk. We can probably attribute a good portion of this to puberty. The change in her is bringing on this other change. Young adults become more susceptible to these things. I endured these same etheric anomalies in my early teen years (I'm now in my 40's and managed to survive so I'm sure ultimately she'll be fine). I remember being quite terrified and unlike her, I wasn't seeing cute little cubs but lower astral parasites. You said this cropped up over the last few weeks. Go back and see what has recently changed. Has there been any negative events around the home or in her life? If so, this will exacerbate it. Boy issues? School issues? Physical changes?

Many people don't have the personal skill set to work themselves out of this and it's usually time itself that resolves this but I know that's no consolation. You're going to receive input of asking her to envision white light surrounding her and her home and positive affirmations to counter her negative story on the subject. Smudging might be helpful in the room but if it's following her, not sure how much that will help. She can also ask for her guide to intervene and help stop this, which would be my recommendation.

Hope some of this helps.

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