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Twin Sister Dreams And Color Spectrum Irony


I was 4 years old, afraid of the dark, and wasn't sure if other kids felt watched. So, like any other kid, I hid under the covers (if I woke my parents up, mom would get cranky, and dad would send me back to my room). I didn't know what a ghost was back then, so I couldn't tell anyone.

Then at 10, I had dreams of a girl fighting me. She looked like me but with longer hair! About 20 dreams later she said her name was Aira, she envied that I'm alive and had parents, and that she died while our mom was pregnant, but was not formed enough to be noticed. She shouldn't envy me too much, after all, we don't have a family that understands anything metaphysical. We kept talking, (awkwardly) starting with our favorite colors: she had Lake Red and Crimson, while Ihad Sky blue and Cerulean.

At 14 after my parents divorced, I told my mom about Aira, but she didn't believe. However, Aira and I kept our bond until 2 weeks ago. I had nightmares/visions of a creepy face. It was glowing like a night vision light was shining on it, but it wasn't anyone I knew, but Shezalah (ghost friend) said the house was being haunted by Aira, so I decided to deal with her somehow.

I snoozed that afternoon and found her. She asked why I still liked Earth, and said how we're different from our family.

She made many good points, but I still argued, causing her to throw a punch, hitting my face. We exchanged words, and a fight started. We attacked left and right until we advanced with visible psi: Crimson versus Cerulean.

Aira made a sphere, I formed a shield around myself, she threw the sphere, my shield caught it, and she walked closer to increase the chances. I hesitated, but I used energy from the shield to shoot the sphere which exploded.

I lived, but she wasn't in sight. I wanted to cry, but my mom knocked on my bedroom door, saying that she was home from. I was still half asleep and couldn't pay attention.

After waking up, I noticed a vibe disappeared. She was gone.

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