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So I'm Connecting With Amy Winehouse?


I have always been empathic, but lately I I've been dreaming about Amy. When I talk about things I cry randomly, as if I feel her sadness. We both suffered addiction and I'm worried I'm either crazy or we're connected in some way. It's really bugging me. My body feels her sadness, happiness and love for her ex husband And shame here and there. I'm begging to be careless in my actions and I think this may be a treat I'm receiving from her. Is this even possible? Maybe I need help. Maybe I'm

Not. Maybe I am and maybe this is sane but I could really use your guys help. I have never met her but I feel as if she and I are great friends, one the same. I'm starting to discover

My abilites (or that I'm a loon) but it's the same either way. Starting to realize that spirits are trying to communicate with me, so why is it amy Winehouse? Very random. I'm very confused. Is she is trying to send me a message why would it be me? Maybe cause our history? I'm 22, she was 27 when she died. I did heroin she also did Heroin. I'm new to all this stuff? So any help would be the greatest Help. My email is if you would like to chat or give advice. I sound crazy I know I do. Maybe I should be locked up. I just don't get why me. My first spirit someone of such beautiful and important nature? Does she need help? Can I help her? Does she miss her family and think I can help her? I would love to help if she needs it, hell if this is real

Maybe we can help each other. She can help me develop my abilities and I can help her cross over. I'm a writer, does she want me to write another song? Maybe she wants to say something.

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faye82974 (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-25)
I believe you. Amy was just a person just like you and I. I know exactly what you are experiencing and you are not crazy. I think the reason why you are experiencing these intense feelings is because that is her way of letting you know that your dreams are real. If you didn't feel anything than you would probably just brush it off as an odd dream and forget all about it. Maybe the next time you dream of her ask her how you are connected. I noticed that you posted from California. Maybe, because of your shared past experiences your paths were supposed to have crossed there in California had she lived? I am a firm believer in past lives. It's possible that your connected from a previous past life. She may be there to help you more than she needs help from you. Love and light to you. I would like to hear how your connected if she tells you or shows you.

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