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Another One Bites the Dust


This is actually an experience my mother has been having. It occurs in her dreams. Well, in high school she had known this very intimate friend, they were engaged to be married, but due to the trials and tribulations of a teenage girl in love, the relationship ended. She then met my father and had seven children altogether, she has lived happily and content with my father for over 40 years. Although the feeling of her first love still burn strong. Over all the years of marriage, she would run into John (my mothers first love) occasionally, and reciprocate glances at one another, even small conversations by phone, but a mutual meeting of the two never occurred, my mom always wanted to say "I'm sorry" to John for any pain that she had caused him and just to touch base with him and see what was up all those years. This never happened.

I had to go out of town to take my state boards to become a nurse. I had asked my mom to take me there because she was always able to put things into prospective for me and made me feel sure of myself. She waited in the car for me while I took my state boards. When my test was over, I came out to the car, to find my mom silently reading a book, when I got in, she seemed quiet and not talking much, I, on the other hand was still to worked up over taking my boards to wonder what was going on with her.

We got back and she had told me she was craving a glass of grape juice, but she didn't have any, so she went to the store. At the store she ran into one of John's relatives and she told my mom that she couldn't wait for the year to be over with because she had been attending a lot of funerals this year. My mom then said "well what funerals?" The woman then said "well I can't remember if it was Tom (john's brother) or John". My mom said "my god, you don't know who your own relatives are!)". The woman then said "when I get home I'll ask my husband, then I'll give you a call and let you know who it was..." My mom was on edge the whole time wondering and hoping that it was not John who had passed.

The phone finally rang. My mom received the information that she had been dreading, it was John who had passed. My mom was crushed, secretly crying, so my dad would not know what was going on. My mom had told me that the day that I had went to the city to take my exam, she had an overwhelming feeling about John, he too lived in the city, she wanted to contact him, but something was also keeping her back from making that call. So she never did call him. After she found out about his death, she would then soon find out where he was buried. I went with her to help her locate and visit the site where he was buried. I found the headstone first, and motioned my mom to come here. She had checked out the dates on the stone and seen the date he had passed away, which was a month before I took my exams. Good thing she didn't call his house, she would have got his grieving wife!

But the date that he died was also very creepy. He asked my mom to marry him July 23rd over forty years ago, his death was on July 23rd. My mom leaves mini roses on his grave site every year. No else visits his grave site. Which is sad, he did have family, but no one took care of his grave site. He was known to be a caring individual, but no one but my mom puts things on his grave site.

Having said all this, on to the dream. I call my mom every morning, this particular morning, I called her and she told me she had a very disturbing dream about John. He came to her in her dream and asked her to go with him. They hopped on this four wheeler type vehicle. They went down into a lighted tunnel. Going through this tunnel, my mom was noticing people carrying shovels and buckets. At the end of this they came into a vast open area of sand. Lots of it. All around people were shoveling sand, filling their buckets, which were never getting full, yet forever shoveling sand. I don't want to think what the sand really was! They then left to go into another tunnel, faster and faster they would go, then they came to an abrupt stop and my mom wakes up. She has quite a few dreams where John appears in the and wants her to go with him. I told my mom, don't ever go with him again you might not wake up in the morning.

I had to add a little humor to the title, I don't believe in my mom's dream they were shoveling sand, but cremated bodies!

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heather (guest)
15 years ago (2007-04-26)
it was wierd, a few nights before 9/11, I had an odd dream. I saw what appeared to be a plane heading toward NYC, then suddenly, I got just the flash of an image of the twin towers burning with debree flying all over and people jumping out windows, then I saw the plane flying towards NYC again, and I woke up, pulled myself up, and looked around my room... Everything was normal. I didn't tell anyone until a couple years after... Freaky, right? I thought so, then. I was so shaken when I woke up. I still am a little scared of what happened.

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