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Helping A Friend


I am the kind of guy that studies all before giving it up to anyone, including family and the public. I began to have astral voyages at least 8 years ago, once having my first, I did a bit of research at the library and on the internet to see exactly what I was up against. Since I was young I knew what I could do, if I didn't want it, it wasn't happening, I knew how to ward away entities without even being taught, no advice! But once I started to have these "less than fun" voyages I began to get a bit worried.

I contacted a good friend of mine, she has lots of info about her own experiences and she gracefully passed each onto me.

Here is one quick story. After a long night, I decided to sleep in, and around one p.m., while still sleeping, I became fully aware, moving through the brightly lit clouds and sky I ended up in an unknown apartment. I was beside a man I cannot stand, he rushed through his living room to his bathroom to grab a small white cream bottle. This whole time I was beside him and he had no clue that I was there. This man reached under his dirty toilet and retrieved a ball of something, that was wrapped in paper and he emptied it into this bottle. Streaming out of his apartment and down the hall. Everything seemed to slow down, so slow that I felt I couldn't move, but I was. I had moved from the bathroom to the living room, it had appeared to be hours to me, then suddenly I was standing in a parking lot right next to him again. A woman walked up, I knew her, in fact I have known her for years. He handed her the bottle that he took from his trunk. I looked up to see this tall building of red brick, one that I recognized which was her place. The clouds, light and sun all grew brighter and I woke up.

I did a few chores and called my friend to tell her that I wanted to see her. She told me to come over in a while and that she was busy at that moment. I only live about 20 minutes from her so I said it was urgent and that I needed to see her. She said it was alright to come but I couldn't stay long. I knew it wouldn't take long anyhow. Once over there, stepping into her living room there was that bottle on a table. While in his bathroom he turned it to a dent with a small black mark on the side. I began to rub my hands and started to reach for the Olay bottle while telling her that my hands were dry, she hollered out, 'No one uses that but me'. She knows what I have been able to do all of these years, and once she saw that I knew she told me that she has been in the wrong crowd here lately. I gave her his name, she began to cry and asked for help.

After recovering with months behind her, she asked me how I advanced so much with my abilities, I didn't really ever answer her. I just let her know that somebody was watching out for her and that's what was important. She was most amazed, and so was I, that all of this happened with-in 3 hours.

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umcane (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2008-08-27)
You had asked me how I closed my third eye. Granted it seems over simplified (and cheesy) but it worked. I literally took my hand and brushed in a downward movement over my forhead where my eye would be (as if I was gently closing an eyelid). I am not sure if it's just in my head, but it worked.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
12 years ago (2008-08-15)
icansee - To me the most simple, logical answer is the best one usually. I think you are older, more accepting, less freaked out, and more balanced now. Someone who exercises physically but never thinks, or vice versa, misses out. Someone who zones out in that otherplace or ignores it totally also misses out. Balance is good. Those close to us, it's hard to feel them messing up, but sometimes we can help them. Not always. We aren't God.

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