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Helping Ghosts And Traumatic Visions


Ever since I was little, I could hear people calling my name. When I did, I would run downstairs to see who had called me, but no-one had. When I was seven, my family moved into a house rented to us by a woman whose sister had recently died. In the room my sister and I shared, we often felt a presence, usually hovering and oppressive. Later, we found out that the woman had died in that room. When I was twelve, I often woke to see a small girl standing at the foot of my bed, smiling at me. She was obviously dead, her skin was blue and peeled in certain places.

Sometimes, when I was deep in concentration, I felt her presence, and she made me sad. She followed me and said things like "Hey Zoe." and "You know what?" One night, I was tired of being scared and sat on the floor with a pen and pencil. I told her-"Come to me and tell me your story." For a while, I felt like I was asleep, then I snapped out of it and read what I'd written. It was a horrible story of how she was raped and drowned. I told her I wouldn't let it happen again, and I haven't seen/heard her since. More recently, I have been getting visions of people dying. Their names,ages, and pasts come to me so I feel like I know them, then I am forced to watch them die. It's very traumatic, and I wish I didn't see this. Also, even though I tell them to go away, spirit are always talking to me, telling me things, I have a notebook nearly full of stories they told me, and of the visions. I'm kind of scared, does anyone know how to make the visions stop? I'm sick of watching people die. Any advice?

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JVALLE24 (guest)
14 years ago (2010-03-10)
Yes you can help yourself by exploring you abilities. You might be a medium. You need to disiplin yourself to allow them in only within your time range. You have angels talk to them clearefy with your guide to monitor what your exposed to. Challege yourself and be a positive person for us weird people what saves our neck is the positive state of mind. "Trust your angels and fly with your eyes closed" they will always protect you. Lol Even though they can only help to a serten point... Bessings to you!
Athena_and_Kej (23 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-09) There are people there that can turn your gift off... Because you do not think it is a gift of any great value... You can be tweaked to have the sight turned off.


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