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Since some time now have I been reading how psychics picture the "afterlife" and though I have explained a number of times that the "afterlife" is lived by our souls, it seems that a number of psychics have problems with this thought and wish to continue believing that they themselves will experience a life after death! That is fine with me. To those who are doubting that we continue living after our physical death I would like to send the following story, taken from my manuscript "Agony of Psychism":

May 14th 1986

My grandmother's soul was introduced to me today! I had been dreaming of her long before I had become a psychic and especially one dream of her was of great comfort to me. At the time I had already studied enough about psychism to understand the significance of the dream, namely that I was being "contacted" so that I could be given solace. My son had just been hospitalized, suffering through a nervous break-down, and I was in a lot of emotional pain. My grandmother had always been the MATRIARCH of the family, and I had admired her much. She appeared to me in my dream, handing me a loaf of bread - symbolic (to me) of LIFE. I knew then that my son would survive and felt quite comforted.

My grandmother's soul also let me know at another time that IT kept on existing pretty much in the same way as ITS person had, but IT had grouped with another soulgroup than my mother's soul had. Both souls groups lived in their psychic world as their persons had. Mind-wise, they created their own surroundings: Their homes, villages, small towns, and PRETENDED that they were their persons, leading their lives, going through these lives sometimes with a small-toothed comb, so to speak, to find out what wrongs to correct, what new lessons to learn with regard to up-coming lives, etc.

My mother's SOUL met my grand-mothers soul in 1986. Both had been living in their own groups, involving themselves in group business. Time on the psychic plane is non-existent and these four years meant nothing to these souls. I was told by my mother's soul that my grandmother's soul was still caring for an uncle of mine, his soul being a happy participant in their make-believe-existence, and to most souls this existence was very real. They believed that they were their PERSONS, existing on another plane of existence.

Our soulgroup had to very carefully change their thinking in order not to create too much of a psychic shock and very gradually all understood that their persons had DIED and they, their SOULS, had to prepare for another life.

My grandmother died at the age of 94 and had not been a psychic but I am sure that she had been close to her soul. She had been quite an important factor in my life, and I was so happy when I met her soul, who was very much like my grandmother, a very loving and beautiful spirit! My soul amalgamates with my grandmother's soul many a time during these meetings, and I feel twice loved. Today, May 15th 1986,

I felt my grandmother's hands! She had suffered from gout during her old age and my hand felt as if I had HUGE knuckles, my feet at another time felt very heavy! We discussed family matters... My grandmother had always been the matriarch of the family, as stated, and all family matters were discussed with her. I was told that my grandmother's soul also reigned on the psychic plane. My mother's soul had separated from the clan because she had moved to another part of the country two years after I had been born, and the family would get together for family re-unions but in general, these souls did not leave their persons!

After my mother's death her soul remained with the souls of my brothers and sisters and their families.

One of my brothers died in a terrible accident. Not much of his face was left and his soul arrived on the psychic plane believing that IT was my brother, having NO FACE! IT was put into a long sleep-like state and when IT "awoke" IT found ITSELF in a "psychic" hospital which was created for ITS benefit. ITS first thoughts were: " I have no face!" The soul could not stand the thought that IT would have to walk about without a face! ITS "psychic" hospitalstay lasted about twenty of our years but the prevailing thought upon "awakening" was the above. My brother's soul then touched ITS psychic face and realized that it was there! IT exclaimed to me that the "nurses" (psyches which took on the shape of nurses) were so happy with IT. IT was now WHOLE again!

I was told by our soulgroup that there are always well-developed souls who help younger souls to adjust after their persons have died. In my brother's soul's case IT was even helped further: A big psychic mansion was erected and IT could experience being rich! My brother never had any earthly things to speak of and the soul, still believing that IT was HE, enjoyed this experience.

IT didn't need it for too long! IT moved away, started thinking about ITS past life, realized that my brother's conduct hadn't always been as good as IT had wished for it to be, especially with regard to my father, and my soul directed all family souls well to aid these two SOULS so that there could be a re-union between them, was successful in pointing out where KARMA had occurred. Both souls forgave each other and my brother could now think about another incarnation. IT moved into a "hut", organized for IT, since IT didn't need ITS mansion any longer, and contemplated ITS next life. All wounds with regard to the incarnation as my brother had been healed by beautiful souls!

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harrypotterrules (1 stories) (89 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-30)
What a touching story! I really wish I could do things like that... 😢
master_of_darkness (2 stories) (21 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-26)
xxivaxx it's me the master of darkness I know exactly who you are in the spirit world and how strong she is please email me
constancy (2 stories) (64 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-21)
Hello, Clara, thank you for letting me know what you experience. As I stated on this forum, I find it MOST interesting to read what so many of us who are in touch with the spirit world learn by being in contact with it.
I like the way you explain what your specific work is, helping people understand what the souls of their deceased loved-ones are experiencing. Its beautiful!
We all can so easily learn from each other too, besides learning from the spiritworld what it chooses for us to know!

Thanks again for letting me know about yourself. May God bless you!
Clara (7 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-21)
Erika--I appreciate your input when in regards to what goes on behind the vail. As a practicing medium and not a psychic. I say not a psychic because my only function is to translate for those who have passed.
I am graced with the ability to see and translate for those who have not yet gone through the vail and for those that have gone through the vail.
It is easy to understand why according to your statement of "A Number of psychics do not agree with you on your soul and afterlife concept..." The majority of psychics are not graced with sight. So, why should the pressure be on them to know what goes on behind the vail. In addition, not all mediums are graced w/the ability to see and speak for those who are behind he vail. Generally, they only deal with those who are on the plane closest to us.
However, those who are truly gifted with mediumship know without a shadow of a doubt that when we die we do not become all knowing. In fact, those who do not go through the light are still in the state of mind that they were when they were still here with us. They have and use every emotion that they used while here. Such as, happiness, anger, hate, emotionally abusive... You name it.
It is only those that go through the light that everything that you have alluded to can be experienced and/or is. Can I verify the things you spoke of that happen behind the vail. No! Because I know for a fact that what goes on behind the vail is not and never has been any topic of discussion from spirit when I do reads. In fact, I really sometimes have to read between the lines at times and pay close attention to what they say. For instance, I was doing a read for a teenagers grandparents and the teen that had gone through the light told me to tell his grandparents that this was the best life that he had ever had and he thanked them for being a part of it.
What did that statement tell me? That there was such a thing as reincarnation. But do I believe anything is possible? I have seen the most beautiful and magical things and it is because of this that I can accept the ideas of what you have put across.
You were given the very rare opportunity to view and witness something beautiful and this is not an accident. Knowing that this is rare the other side knew what they were doing when they chose you. Now, what are you going to do with it?
xxivaxx (3 stories) (40 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-20)
I'm always wanted to know what is the difference between SOUL and SPIRIT? All I know is that there are many different densities of 'after-life' existence depending on the amount of memory particle you possess and how strong they are.

- Most people 'meet' their... Umm... Partner? Soul? Death messenger? Guardian angel? Whatever? After they die.
Though there are some cases when some living creature/human/animal/plant/out of the world thing that lack their... Umm... Partner? Soul? Death mess... Nevermind. I'll just stick with umm... 'SOUL'? That way, it only depends on the strength of their memory/emotion/existence power they possess or else they will just... Disperse or disappear.
- Most psychics have a high spiritual power because of their SOUL. Believers have a 'normal' type of SOUL, therefore they think they will join with those they love. *sigh* it's a little sad...
constancy (2 stories) (64 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-20)
Hello, xxivaxx, I am glad that there is someone who sees the afterlife as you do.
You explain it a bit differently from the way I have been taught, but these are just semantics: The idea of the "afterlife" is the same! I often run into a lot of resistance when I explain that our SOULS experience the afterlife, and I am sure that you have experienced the same. So many people are so sure that they will survive death because in their trance states and meditations they have visited these other "places" and believe that they themselves will join those they have met, believing that their "loved ones" have been visited. They do not want to KNOW that their "loved ones" have died and that they are meeting their souls.
I always find it so difficult to take their illusions from them but it has to be done. People live only once and must make the best out of the short time we have been allotted and can't wait for the afterlife, to continue what we have begun.
Take care!
Erika (Constancy)
xxivaxx (3 stories) (40 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-19)
Hi! I've also got a sense of what 'afterlife' is. Kinda complicated isn't it?
I realised that the 'place' spirits go to are memories formed from different memories of other people. So it is like creating their own space.
Some spirits leave their souls without any lingerment, while some have very strong memories and emotions exposing in the natural world. (The 'Equilatrium', also known as the balance of the world, conducts the emotion all spirits are experiencing and do their best to balance it. That is probably why you were told that most soulgroups have well-developed souls who help younger souls to adjust after their persons have died. It's a bit like neutralising the sins and good-doings we have done in our lives. It works with any living things: from us, to plants and animals; and maybe to creatures living in other worlds!)
Does this explain somethings about 'past life' and 'after life'?
constancy (2 stories) (64 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-19)
To the editor:
Hello! My name is Erika. I have received notice that my story has been accepted by you and also, that you would look into correcting typos and whatever else should be corrected. I had asked your webmaster to advise you that I had typed the story during a strong thunderstorm in the area where I live and that I could not check for any mistakes since I was worried about my computer and also, that the story would just be lost.
I just checked and found the following mistakes:
Paragraph 2, line 4: MInd-wise, should be mind-wise,
Paragraph 3, line 1: my mother died in 1982 but only met my grandmother's soul in... Should be: My mother died in 1982 but her SOUL only met my grandmother's soul...

Paragraph 3, last line: pane, should be plane paragraph 5,line 2: importent, should be important paragraph 6, line6: clanbecause should be clan because
line 7: ahd should be had
Last aid those two wouls should be, to aid those two souls.

Thank's for looking into this.
Best regards,
Erika (Constancy)

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