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Ever since I have become a psychic I have been teaching my two daughters about my psychic experiences, and they have understood the Information well, though they are not open to the psyche. I often channel both of their souls, and my daughters are fascinated by that.

When I was studying at my favorite university, my daughter Tanya just loved the stories I told and was quite interested in finding out how students coped with psychic molestation. I let her know that there were a number of psyches (souls, spirits) who were quite worried about their persons. Too many were invaded by the psychic world and didn't even know about it!

Their psyches needed help in protecting them, and Tanya's soul had been helping many of them. It was much in demand. Student psyches are usually congregating in their own groups, often with the psyches of family, but they need much more help! Tanya said to me one day:

"You tell them all that my psyche is on "loan" for a bit!" Since she isn't open to the psychic world her soul can't reach her and therefore, she can be generous! Much more generous than I will ever be! (Today, in the year 2008, she understands much more about the psyche, soul, spirit, than before and is more careful in keeping her soul with her, as IT should be, knowing that we live in the end times of OUR times!)

My daughter Natalie once let me know similar thought. She even GAVE her soul to me for a while, as long as I needed IT, to free me from all molesters!

Both my daughters souls are very appreciated by the psychic world. Not long ago I was sitting on a bench at our neighborhood swimming pool, and the soul of an Asian, a lifeguard, showed me how IT pictured Tanya's soul: I was shown a HUGE figure of a female with red flaming hair surrounding features which looked like Tanya's. It was a marvelous showing depicting Tanya's soul's beauty and intelligence!

The Asian world appreciates INTELLIGENCE and when a group of Asian souls meet our soul-group, there is a meeting of minds right away! INTELLIGENCE meets INTELLIGENCE, and I profit also: This time I was shown the above! Their gift to me!

I return these gifts often by for instance "reading to the psychic world"! My greatest pleasure in life is reading! I have been reading almost non-stop ever since I can read. Some people might call me a compulsive reader, and I agree. This is my one and only compulsion though. I have been asked by the psychic world what had made me the ferocious reader I am and my response is always that I had TWO parents who were ferocious readers! I MUST read, even the advertisements on buses, I MUST read street signs, fellow travelers books (over-the-shoulder-reading), etc... Whenever the written word is close to me, I MUST read!

Since the psychic world is now well aware of this, it LOVES to read with me.

There are always psyches who try, and they are welcome. Very well developed psyches will just read through my eyes, so to speak. What I perceive, they perceive, but I am not always that lucky. There are innumerable psyches who believe that if they move their energy in front of my eyes, they are reading with me. They often move energy directly into my pupils, and that can be painful! Others believe that they are reading "through" me, but are actually shown what LARGE souls like my soul, Tanya's soul, and Natalie's soul, and a few invited psychic friends are reading through me, and then SHOW the psychic world on a psychic screen what has been perceived. That takes a lot of know-how and not many souls are capable of exercising this.

As has been told before, I have slowed down my reading-speed tremendously in order to accommodate a number of intelligent souls to follow me when I read but only a few psyches are able to read a whole paragraph with me in one glance. Other souls can follow me but not too quickly. They insist on receiving through me and sometimes keep my gaze fixed on a specific word and stop me from going on. That is dangerous since "the kept gaze", if moved away from by me by just reading on, could injure my eyesight, since there is usually quite a bit of energy used to keep me "at a word".

I usually speed on afterward and read a few paragraphs very quickly and then continue reading at the speed our soul-group and I have agreed on. When Tanya's soul is in charge of the soul world around me there usually are no problems since small souls follow IT willingly. Many have been trained by this soul, and to them IT is their leader! They of course can't read with me but they surround Tanya's soul with enough energy so that IT can read with me without being disturbed and then show the psychic world, on the psychic screen, what has been read. Often, this is group-work too. My soul for instance reads with me and then let's the others know what has been perceived, and ALL show together.

Many of the soul world are SO happy about this group-work and have been telling me that they know of no-one who is doing this for them.

The psychic world is of course not only reading through me. Many souls love to travel from country to country with our group, the Group of Five, since these five souls have friends across the globe, and the "little ones" (small souls) are happy to move along with them. They are steadily learning what it is like to be HUMAN, and this is what our group is all about: To teach small souls as much as possible, especially those who can't learn too much through their own persons because they are not open to them! Some of these "little ones" are already checking out future locations for up-coming lives!

My son's soul, being the soul of a musician, has been bringing innumerable souls of musicians to me. It is know that I am a musical person and psyches of musicians love to be with me. Many a music session has been held with all of these souls, and we often listen to tape recordings of my son's music.

I am a very lucky person, having talented intelligent children who have talented INTELLIGENT souls, and I am GRATEFUL!

I wish all of those who read Erika's stories, which are actually, in many a way our soul-group's stories, a very pleasant day, and may GOD CUSHION every step you take!

Erika (Constancy)

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Imogena (1 stories) (16 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-20)
Wow. I have just reconnected with my soul group, and I can't even imagine being raised in such an environment. You and your children are truly blessed. The feeling of comfort and acceptance is so growth inspiring.

I am new to my gifts and am working on strengthening them. They are wonderful and I seriously wish that it is all I did all day, but daily life calls...:) The stuff in the middle is what life is made of.

Warmest wishes,

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