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Sensing It Before And While It's Happening


Knowing or feeling things has always run deep in my family. I've had numerous experiences of this while growing up. I just never really put much thought into it.

A few years back while I was driving on the freeway, I had this clear vision of an accident involving a vehicle and seeing the gravel road come towards my face at an alarming speed. Needless to say, I was spooked and thought that I was seeing a vision of myself in a car accident. I immediately got off the freeway and took every little back road I knew just to avoid traffic and get home safely. As I arrived home, the phone was ringing and it was my mom calling to tell me that my brother had gotten hurt. He was standing in the back of a pick up truck and his so-called friend decided it would be funny to drive off. My brother flew off the truck and landed face first on to the road.

That was my first strong "vision" that I've ever had in my life. Several things have happened since then. I've had the occasional "know exactly who's calling and what they're going to say" kind of thing happen.

The next big thing that happened was last year while I was staying overnight in Las Vegas on my way back to Florida with my husband. We had gone to bed like usual, but during the night I had a dream that I got a phone call from someone; a female. The voice was familiar to me yet I couldn't really place it. The caller told me (word for word) "We've been trying to reach you! Your dad passed away!". I woke up shaking and crying! My husband was worried and asked me what was wrong. I told him exactly what had made me cry. He tried to calm me down by saying it was just a dream and to call my dad in a few hours to see if he was ok. What with trying to get our stuff in order and to start our drive back to Florida, I didn't take his advice. I think deep down inside, I knew the dream was true.

Two days later, we get home and a few hours after unpacking, my phone rings. I get Goosebumps immediately. I answer the phone and it's my aunt and she says the line in my dream, word for word. My dad truly had passed away. From reading the coroner's report and the time of death, he had passed away at exactly the time I woke up from that dream while in Las Vegas.

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