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My Recentlly Realized Psychic Abilities


The pieces began to fall together about two weeks ago when I was looking at some pictures on the computer with a good friend, Kayla. My grandfather was expected home any minute and I heard a manly voice call out my name, Megan! I replied, "Hello?" Because I thought it was my grandpa. Kayla said, "Is someone here?" I asked if she had heard the voice and she said no. Later, the same thing happened and she didn't hear it again. I have heard my name whispered or sometimes shouted several times, but just thought it was my imagination. Kayla said, "I think you're psychic." We just laughed and I shrugged it off, but I began to think about it later.

I asked her if she had ever heard voices say her name at any time or especially when slipping into unconsciousness sleep. She said no! That's not normal. You are psychic. Ever since then, I have been realizing all kinds of abilities that I have or things I've experienced.

I will list some below:

I often feel someone grab my side. Once at the park where I work (it's filled with history). Once at my grandmother's grave on Christmas Eve. Once at a family get-together... And several other times.

I know when I'm getting a text message before I get it.

I say things at the same times as other people everyday, especially around Kayla.

I see shooting stars ALOT! I don't know if that means anything. Let me know if you do, please.

I can sometimes feel when something really good/bad is about to happen.

I know what people are like within a couple minute of meeting them.

I can tell what people are feeling without them telling me, or saying anything at all.

I feel happy for people when something good happens and bad when something bad happens. I really feel the emotion.

I will sometimes think I see someone I know, and when it turns out not to be them, I will actually see the person a few seconds later.

I think about things happening before they happen.

All the pieces began to fall together when I was thinking about this.

If anyone has any comments as to how to further develop these abilities or on how to communicate with the spirits who are trying to reach me, I would really appreciate it.

I'm a 19 year old nursing student from Ky. I would like to know any information you have on these abilities. I would also like to know that I'm not just imagining these things. Thank you!

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CuriousPsychic13 (16 stories) (141 posts)
11 years ago (2010-01-28)
Sounds like your just trying to get used to it now. It's pretty hard to wrap your head around sometimes, but you'll come to like it. My advice is just to meditate, and keep an open mind. It'll REALLY help, and I'd keep the gifts on the down low, you know? I hate being prejudged all the time. It's annoying, but I suppose it keeps people who wouldn't like me anyway, away.
When I walk into a room, I know who I'm going to like, who I'm going to clash with, that sorta thing, and I'm really good at it. Rarely wrong. Just trust your gut on it, I've regretted not trusting mine.
Mistyblu (1 stories) (9 posts)
12 years ago (2008-08-25)
I have had that happen... Its very quick... And it leaves you with a feeling that maybe you heard it maybe you didn't. I have heard my daddy call me. He died many years ago.
I have many stories I will post on here...but, mine are not so dramatic... I host a forum on Do You Have the Gift? I posted my stories on there and would like to invite anyone to come and visit... And post... I hope the people here don't mind my posting that... I will also post this site on mine and maybe we can get lots more to visit both sites...
icansee (3 stories) (15 posts)
12 years ago (2008-08-24)
I am an empath among others too, I have learned the hard way about who you might be able to help. In the end I got hurt, not physically but some what mentally. I used my abitlities to help her, but I became selfish about it and tried to help myself at the sametime. She was fooling around on me and I knew it, I could feel him from her emotions. Well I eventually got a piece of his clothing and I could see almost all that had happened, it was overwhelming. I still continued to try to help but I eventually lost my job, home and had to move in with family. This is tragedy to me. My family is trying to help the best way they know how, I still have her around and Ill have to either move on or not... That is besides the point. I can sense the same things as you and I have just graduated with a new ability, I'm not going to say yet and I don't know why I can do it, but once I understand it, Ill post about it 😊
pegs_deborah (3 stories) (112 posts)
12 years ago (2008-08-21)
I wonder if the 'shooting stars' thing isn't spirits, orbs, that sort of thing. From the list of things, it sounds like you are a medium (can communicate with spirits). The touching, hearing people call out your name, etc., sounds like spirits trying to get in touch with you. The feeling people's emotions, knowing the kind of person that they are like, etc. Is empath. Empaths can feel other people's emotions, often know exactly what a person is like upon first meeting them, etc. I would say you are a medium and an empath. Hope this helps
girlygirl89 (guest)
12 years ago (2008-08-20)
I know how you feel especially with knowing whether or not a person is good or bad. I also hear voices calling my name only to discover that no one in my family actually did. There are people out there who are just like you and I hope that you can get the help that you need and I hope that knowing that there are other people just like you is help enough from me because I, too am new at this.

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