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I'm only 15 years old. Some of my psychic experiences are: I had a dream (it was through my mom's point of view) and she opened her eyes, looked at the clock which read 7:47 and went into my sister's room to get the laptop. Then my sister started laughing and my mom said, "What are you laughing at me for you plonker?" But instead. My sister was laughing in her sleep. I then woke up. I called up my mom and the exact same thing happened that morning down to every detail.

Then there are little things like I know who is going to text me and I know who it is, etc.

But the things that really freak me out are the physical things. My brother died 4 years ago and ever since then I feel rather paranoid, as in I'm never alone. Things would happen like my wardrobe would slowly open, my bedroom windows would open in front of my eyes, I have been woken up by getting a slap in the face, whispered in the ear like someone saying my name or saying a word I used to say all the time.

Then I'll have images of random people like last night when I was in front of my Aunt Karen. I randomly shouted out, "Barry died when he was 13 right?" Well that was her old boyfriend who died from a fire and I never heard of him before. Stuff like that. I'll be in an elevator and I'd randomly say, "Your granny died last week, right?" And then I could say how she died and what age.

I'm very confused as to all of this. Please help.

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McLovin (1 stories) (2 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-29)
^ ah thanks GlendaSC:)
Is there anyone else have an opinion or anything?
Latest thing was that happened [last Saturday] was I was alone in the house and I was picking up my dogs poop [haa don't ask] and I had to clean up the mess she made with he hose. I turned it off all the way and when I went back inside. Was upstairs, could hear the water running... Go outside and see the actual hose itself is off the nozzle thing [you would have to twist it] and the water was on to the fullest.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-27)
McLovin - I am sooo sorry about your brother. Your place is here, and as you move through life, hopefully, those you have lost will sometimes (when they feel like it) touch you or say something. Nature doesn't waste and energy is never lost. Einstein said the energy thing. Select your best life, in all ways including what your parents want, shoot for it and listen. You can live nicely and still know stuff and hear. There's a "great divide" which is tough, but it's temporary. Good luck to you and thanks for writing.

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