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Hello all you knowledgeable people of the world and its doings. I am trapped in a circle of odd doubt and self worry. I am trapped in this hole that I truly do not know what to do. But, a lot of my doubt comes from something that has been brewing inside me for a long time. I am a very scientifically minded person with a knack for getting wrapped up in the supernatural for no reason other than right time right place. Well, probably not the right time nor the right place because some of these times have ended or started off badly. This Story has two parts and have to do with something deeply personal to myself.

My uncle died when I was very young. I do not know if I witnessed him killing himself but I can see it in my head. I do not know how this affected my mind, soul, or essence but it did, profoundly. Since then I have had a weird feeling throughout my body that has ravaged it. I have medical problems that I will not discuss but are not major any more. Since I was young I have had this "feeling", it is hard to explain but think about your arm, you know how far it can reach and its limits, but for me it is different. Every part of my body feels like it is not exactly a part of my own body I guess I would say. It feels more like the cage for which my inner self is set into. That is what I felt it was like for a long time, an endless feeling of trapped. But just recently that changed. It made me realize something very basic. It wasn't my body that was the cage, but my mind.

Just recently my roommate came home depressed and sick. She asked me to sit in front of her and let her put her hands on my back. I obliged and I felt her siphoning some of my energy I guess is what I would call it. But it was replaced with a warm feeling and a boon of energy came back through her other hand. She immediately calmed down and was cheerful. She was inquisitive though, she asked me numerous questions that where uncharacteristic of her. Most were about energy. She didn't believe in what she could do at all. She just knew it worked and helped her from being emotionally destroyed. But what she asked me about were things that were easily right on the spot with me. She then asked me to hold her hands.

This was the first time I have ever felt someone take energy from me. She siphoned away lot of my negative energy and replaced it with a good feeling nectar that caused me to believe that what she was talking about was real. So when I was holding her hand I tried something that I had down by my own a lot. I pushed my own energy out of my hands and into hers. I did not mention I was going to do this but it surprised her. Had she felt what I was doing? She talked to me about what it was I was doing and we were both baffled. So I pushed my... Tendril is the best I can describe it as. Deeper into her arm, up her chest and into her head. I did not explain what I was doing but this made her pass out. Much to my surprise and I woke her up scared. What had I done? I have been gifted at psychology and understanding people and there motives, but making someone sleep though non-scientific or therapeutic but rather energy based means is not possible... Is it? She said that I had built a barrier around my core where my energy comes from. She said that I had a normal amount of energy in my body, and that was just the amount leaked from the barrier. She said that I had more energy inside my core than she had ever felt besides a couple whom had trained themselves in spiritual ways.

Since my uncle's death, I have had these things that I call teeth. They are why I had built (not knowingly) barrier around my core. All I can say is that they lurk in the shadows when I am depressed. I have talked to psychologists and therapists about them and they are stumped. They take many forms but when ever I look at them I get the vision of teeth and torn flesh. I have had spiritual healers tell me to leave because I "brought them in" -- emphasis on the Them. All I know is that they are hungry and I do not know what for. When there are more than three of them, something that I call a Mouth comes. And those have actually caused physical harm to me and some of my friends, they say it and they know that it hurt them. So I do not know, it is yours to believe. Personally I wouldn't believe a word of it had it not happened to me.

If anyone has any knowledge on anything in this, please respond. I need everything I can get to better understand me, my world, and my safety.

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aseper2 (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-07)
ok, this MIGHT help, I hope it does as you are exactly like me in almost every way spiritually.
The art of mental shielding is a defense mechanism our body does to protect us from ourselves, unfortunately it becomes habit and we have trouble leaving our walls, you have to lowly come to terms with everything piece by piece and accept them.
And with the energy transfer and tendrils:
I have been able to do this for many years, I would recommend Chios Healing Techniques to learn better control, as I am now able to move energy outside my body with good control.
Learn to focus your energies within yourself to different points, start with the hands at first, and work down to your feet, do not attempt your brain, ears or eyes until you are good at the others, as it can cause damage. Use crystals and gems to practice control, and use water to practice moving other energies.
Your friend passed out because her subconscious felt you intrude her mind, and it shut itself down as defense, go slower next time.
I hope this helped!
academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-03)
Hi Ashiwolfe,
Lets just deal with the first part of your story initially, (as this is within my realm of understanding at present) You feel as though it is your mind which is the cage, you indicate a form of past medical problems, which I wonder were perhaps mental rather than physical, you feel trapped in a circle of odd doubt and self worry...
I think you need to free your mind, steer your thoughts and misplaced preconceptions away from any guilt or misconstrued guilt that you may carry for any of your uncles actions.
As you say, you are often in the wrong place at the wrong time, and if infact you were there at his suicide your brain has conclusively shut off any memories you may have had which are now subliminal, this is good, leave them there.
Your friend holding your hands and replacing your negative energy with some of her pleasant vibes is similar to how hands on healing works, it sounds to me as though you got greedy though, perhaps you should begin to patronise your local spiritualist centre or church, where this type of healing/ transfering of energies is/ should be a common practise.
Hmm... Backtrack, I see you have tried this, right, then its a personal journey which you need to take, a self discovery exercise...
MEDITATE, practise this regularly and try and keep a journal on what happens or what comes to you in your meditations, make sure you ground and protect yourself, these details can be found in other posts or stories, there is probably a specific gem which should help you, I will endeavour to find the name of this for you... I don't know if any of this advice sounds valuable to you, let me know!
See you on the flip,
Lin x
Highlight (7 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-03)
My best guess is that you have one or more ghosts attached to you. You need to know how to make shields, protect yourself, and how to not harm anybody else. Control is key.
ladyannne (5 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-17)
Ashi, I don't think it is a matter of fair. I would guess no one who has read your posting has a comment they felt would be of any help, as I do not. This is not within my realm of expertise, but I wish you all the luck!
Ashiwolfe (1 stories) (1 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-16)
>...< no one is helping I guess. THat is really not fair I guess. Oh well, Someone please comment?

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