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Intuitive Dreams, Never Resulting In Good


I have been having deja vu and dreaming whole days in advance for who knows how long. As I got older, I'm 22 now, I have noticed it's been becoming much more intense and I remember a lot more now. I carry the intense feelings of the dreams with me throughout the days. The problem is that I don't remember the whole dream, I only remember certain important parts.

One scary example of this deja vu is the day I found out 2 people close to my friends had some form of cancer. One was my friend Candice. Her father, whom I have never met, died of stomach cancer. The other was my ex-boyfriend's friend Chris, who is only 21, diagnosed with lung cancer. The night before I had found all this out I had a very strange, vivid dream. I was walking through a club of some sort. All these people were throwing up and getting sick everywhere, I couldn't understand. There chests and stomachs were covered in blood. I tried to talk to them and right before they could tell me what was wrong they died. That's all I remember from that dream.

I woke up that morning and instantly told my boyfriend at the time about my dream. On the way home from his house I got a phone call from my best friend Tricia saying that Candice's dad had died from the stomach cancer that has been eating away at him. And later on in the day my ex had called me completely freaked out that Chris told him he was diagnosed with lung cancer. I had no idea about either of these people's personal lives, met them, or knew their health history.

Whenever I dream about someone, whether I know them personally or not, it's bad. It's never a happy dream. And I have come to realize that if it is one of my friends, something is wrong in their life or something not so good is going to occur. It could be someone I see everyday or someone I haven't seen in years or months. They know already when I say I had a dream about them that it's not going to be good. I want to know if this is esp, or just intuition. And if it is some form of futures being told, can I hone this skill to work when I'm awake? Please reply.



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GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-29)
miss kt - I always have questions. Never realized it, but was told. Now I realize it. Perhaps you are picking up, but unpleasant things. Perhaps trying to focus on people near and small but helpful things might be good at first. If you are working on being sensitive, this seems a good area. I've been told that I need to try harder to "see" and not sure what that means. I'm not very patient in general. But, life is busy. Slow down maybe and try to help those near you maybe. It's not easy to figure it all out. Might not ever happen.

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