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Dowsing And The Intuitive Skeptic


Hey guys, I just wanted to share an interesting story. I was an another "unnamed" psychic website, and I honestly wasn't too horribly impressed with their open mindedness towards the subject at all. They claim to not believe in ghosts in any physical sense of the word and said any haunting had to be a poltergeist (your own subconscious energy acting out) but I did get one good hint. Dowsing was brought up. I was very skeptical at first as everyone talked about bringing their crystals out and started asking yes and no questions, I said I had no crystals nor access to buy them one girl suggested using keys. So needless to say I tried, nothing. So the next day I started looking up dowsing on-line what to do what you can use, and it said even a small stone on a string could work.

So I tried several different things finally. I found my old rock collection I had collected as a child I had a stone that looked a little like amber. It was a stone my mother had found when we first moved to this new state, I thought it was cool to so I kept it and put it with my collection. As soon as I tried this stone amazingly it started to work. I figured out what yes and no meant mine seems to be a bit more complex then what was described on-line my stone will answer yes and no in very obvious but different ways, but just to be sure I kind of trained it to swing back in forth on certain angles so I could be sure. I can literally say I'm sorry I don't understand can you respond stronger and it will start going faster and swinging harder. I've heard it is subconscious mind doing this, but it is amazingly accurate. My grandma has been sick with chest pains. So I asked about that I said is it a real physical condition response yes, is her heart sick, yes. Does her heart cause her chest pain, no. I was a little confused I knew that they were looking at her stomach. So later that night my mom called and said that they where going to scope her for possibly stomach issues. I asked later that night to my stone if she had ulcers of her stomach and it answered distinctively Unknown... Lol I had added 2 more responses unknown and neither to help clarify some odd responses 2 questions. Like when I was asking about my spirit guide. I asked if I had 1, yes. I said do I know who it is, yes. I said is it a man (I always felt it may be a man),no. Is it a women, no. Okay I was confused It isn't a man or a woman, yes. So I added the neither and unknown to the paper I was using. As soon as I did that I asked is my spirit guide a man, it shot up swinging north and south straight to

That was surprising because I never would have thought that possible. Anyways I still don't know who my spirit guide is or how to speak with "it" respectfully... Lol Any suggestion or anyone have the same experiences? Thanks

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revsilverson (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-15)
i'm saying it can be male or female or neither depending on the spirit agent helping you when you scry. What we call male energy can also be evident in a female form and vice versus. There are subtle masculine energies and intense female energies. So the line gets blurred from time to time. For example, a spirit helper might sense a masculine presence with strong feminine characteristics. So it would say neither when you ask if it is a man or woman. As in life- it can be confusing in the spirit world as well.

Love and Light... Always
SmokeTooAsh (8 stories) (41 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-08)
Thanks revsilverson, that does make sense as to why the genger was neither, even though I though I have in the past felt a male presence.
revsilverson (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-08)
spirits have no gender, they have body images that appear FOR us as male or female so we can better understand them and not fear them. If someone died in a fire to most of us they appear as they did in life not charred etc because that would scare us. For those of us who don't get scared they will appear charred or whatever if they have unfinished business.

Oracle 101-perhaps he had a stash of water in the camper? There is little you could have done. If you go off half cocked you could cause someone (and yourself) great emotional harm. What if you accused him of something he was innocent of but yet the police harrassed him and then neighbors shunned him? It happens frequently. Do not bear false witness against anyone- it is the second greatest trangression after murder.

Love and Light... Always
Oracle101 (2 stories) (506 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-08)
Spirit Guides come forward when they know you are ready. Although tarot cards are a great way to communicate with them when they are ready. I have written extensively on that topic.

Skeptics remain so until you prove otherwise, and even then they can be stubborn and will still try to prove you wrong. It can be from seeing too many frauds, or from fear of the spiritual world.

My father had me dowse for water when I was very young because he found I was good at it. Recently I came across such a forked branch while on a nature walk so I used it to see where it would lead me. It led me to a parking lot to a RV camper truck. I got a bad feeling while looking at the camper. Seconds later a man walked into the parking lot from far away and went up to that camper. He gave me a strange look and then entered the camper. It belonged to him.

I knew something was amiss but could do nothing. I did not have a search warrant. I sat on a park bench nearby. He opened up the curtains from inside as if to show me nothing wrong was going on inside and he watched me for awhile. I eventually left.

So the dowsing worked but it had left the rest up to me.

Any ideas on what I should have done next?

Oracle101, Psychic and Medium for 43 years
Always happy to help others
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