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Intuitive Possibly - Message From The Dead?


I need some help in what I have been experiencing. A little background on me first. I am 36 years old and have no medical conditions that affect my mental well-being. I noticed at a young age that I could predict little things that seemed pretty innocent such as an unexpected phone call from someone that didn't normally call or some sort of mail that came but wasn't expected. I would think about the person or the mail anywhere from 2 minutes to a few hours before hand. At that point I started realizing that I would know who was going to call me before the phone even rang, As I have gotten older, I have noticed that I am extremely intuitive and can read (for lack of a better word) people's thoughts and feelings without them saying a word. This occurs with both strangers and family/friends. I have never had premonitions of things such as lottery tickets or earthquakes per say but I have had numerous premonitions about all sorts of things that came to fruition later. For instance, when I was in my young 20's I remember specifically having a dream one night about a MD-11 airplane that crashed over the Atlantic ocean and the cause was a fire in the cockpit. Now everyone knows that airplane crashes usually aren't determined until a few months to years after the actual accident itself. I felt so strongly and scared about this dream/premonition that I told my husband at the time about it the very next morning and gave him the details that included it being aircraft specific, the cause being from fire, the location of the crash and that everyone died. I just felt this overwhelmingly strong urge to tell someone because I knew it was going to happen. (It was almost like I needed to justify my own abilities I guess.) I was scared when I saw on tv 2 days later that Swiss Air MD-11 crashed in the Atlantic killing everyone onboard. At this point, I started thinking that I really did have some sort of ability although I wasn't sure what it was or how to deal with it etc.

Fast forwarding a bit, when I was 30 years old I went through a nasty divorce and met my future husband. I instantly knew I was going to marry him the first day I met him despite the fact that I never wanted to be married again and had no interest in being with someone at the time. A few months later, I kept having this urge to talk with him about his deceased mother. It was overwhelming and the feelings wouldn't quit until one night, I had a few drinks and was very relaxed and we got into a deep conversation. It was then that I felt his mother was trying to communicate with him and wanted me to convey him a message from her. I thought to myself this was so crazy and very disrespectful but the urge was so overpowering that I broke down crying and told him that his mother was there with us and wanted him to know a few things. She had died long before I met him. She had a heart attack at 52 and died unexpectedly so he never got to say goodbye to her. She wanted me to give him closure on her death and to tell him specifically that "he would always be her baby". (he was the last born of 4 kids) He immediately broke down crying and said "I know that my mom is communicating with you because she always would say that to me and you would have no way of knowing that". So after a long night of crying and breaking down, I felt this incredible peace. In some of these messages that I supposedly communicated, I kept getting something about a rosebush. I mentioned that to him and asked him what the significance of the rose bush was. He said he didn't know of anything so I dismissed it. After that night I felt like everything was okay. I don't know how to explain this feeling but I just knew in my heart that this is why we were brought together. I feel like his mom reached out to me as weird as that sounds. Years later when I went home with him to meet his family, beside the front porch was a beautiful rosebush. I asked him about it and he said that was his mom's favorite rosebush. Now I connected the earlier reference that he didn't but I didn't say anything to him.

And this brings me to my question and what I need help with. A few months after the 9/11 world trade center, I had a very vivid dream in where I was living and experiencing what a passenger went through on one of the planes that crashed. I don't know who the passenger was but I know in my dream I was sitting near the wing looking out the window. I felt panicked but yet I knew what was going to happen. I lived this moment out in my own body as it was that victims. I remember specifically hearing screams and feeling terror as the plane circled around to hit the WTC. For some reason I know it was the second plane however I can't tell you how I know this. It's just a feeling. I have had this dream a few times very sporadically since and now I keep getting these overwhelming urges to figure out who this person was and it is like I am obsessed with re-living the 9/11 attack in hopes that I can figure out what message is being conveyed to me. I know this all sounds crazy and in some ways I am even afraid its disrespectful to the families of the deceased but I know there has to be some meaning to this. Over the last few years this "drive" has gotten more intense almost to the point its consuming me. I don't have the dream enough to figure out who I am "possibly" experiencing or even why. Please realize that this dream is so intense and vivid that I know in my heart I am having an experience. This isn't just a bad dream. My questions are why do I have this overwhelming drive? Is it because someone is trying to communicate through me? Also, I have no idea how to develop these supposed communications or where to even go from here but I am being driven NUTS to figure it out. Can anyone help me? I have never tried to talk to the dead nor have I ever had such vivid images from deceased relatives close to me so I don't understand. I am also very worried that if I tried to develop this that unwelcome spirits could come thru. I am very religious so this is conflicting with what I believe in but the drive is so intense that I must find answers. I can't rest or put this behind me until I find out why.

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Arroyn (2 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-17)
I totally understand. I could also predict things at an early age. I also predicted my Uncle's and stepfather's death when I was older. Also in college, me and my friends were hanging out at a popular hang out when I met a man. He hung with us most of the night. He and one of my friends hit it off. When it came time for us to leave... I knew that he shouldn't leave town that he would die if he did. My friend told me the next day that he had died on his way home.

I've also had those from the other side contact me as well. When this happens spirits seem to seek out our light and often times need our help with something. It usuall occurs in my dreams when I am more open to listening. When it happened to me-I asked what she wanted... And with a friend... We researched the incident. In both instances we found the person that had came to us. Perhaps you should try finding a place to relax, thinking on the dream... Then asking for a name and what they want... Or try looking up those who died in 9/11 and seeing if a name is more prevalent than others.

That is the best advice I can give. Hope it helps you.
Sini42 (15 stories) (17 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-17)
Dear Beginnerp,
I agree with all previous comments here and I feel your element is strongly water. To have a balanced connection with it, brings balance. The mind is more at peace, when the body is also connecting to its identity. All psychics need to drink a lot of water in any case and to know its element in general. My element is more so air. I get energy from clouds and mountains,rocks,high places. Just a small message here to greet you and also for all of us to thank how valuable communication about these things with the right people is. Takes one to know one.:-) Take care and be happy, you are not alone,
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-17)
Regarding the negative energy.
It just sounds as if when you opened up there was
Already a presence around the location which
Was attracted once you stepped into a mediumship
Position. If you use protection there should not
Be a problem.

A good teacher will teach you about protection
As well as help you key into your abilities.

The issue with the urge is you have a strong guide
Whom understands two different things:
One you would of never just opened up with your then
Two he needed proof of life after death: this in itself is healing for the recepient. Plus also
Made him a believer of your ability.

My encouragement is if you connect with your Angel/or guide. This will open up an understanding that transcends religious hesitation.

I would encourage you to get in a protective
Setting by interviewing the teacher to see if that
Is a good fit for you. As AnneV mentioned the class
Room is a good place where one can get experience
With their fellow students and all students have a mind set which is relaxed and understanding we do not have to be done perfectly.
AnnV had mentioned astral projection!
And when the subconsious (Etheric double) traveled
To the Astral realm when we view it lookes like a
Movie. Only with a flipside, of what I refer to as
Piggy-backing is when we connect is a type of reverse
Role as we would ride on the back of the person to whom we are seeing and experiencing their life.
I have had a few of these and they are quite interesting.
In relation to tracking down a person whom was in the
Plane, a psychic by the name of John Edwards whom is
Also a Catholic. Did some reasons for the families.
So I do not see anything wrong with contacting a loved one and giving them a message for closure to
Bring peace and healing.

If you ever have time to set aside by prayer and meditate to see what you life purpose via the
Askaic records. This will put all fears to rest!

Weather you believe it or not you've been evolving
(psychically) at the rate of your physical body.
My own opinion is we have a contract before we
Are born to do certain work before being born.

Good journey
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-05-16)
I'm not sure there is a "normal" for the paranormal. It rather reminds me of astral projection. No one human has the exact experience of another. We are all at different levels vibrationally and perceive and experience life unique to where we're at on the spectrum. Why this is nagging at you could be any number of things (the absolute clarity of your dreams, the fact it doesn't make sense to you has you wondering, and so on). At this point, it just "is". Sometimes we are plagued (for lack of a better word) with anomalies in life that don't always make sense. And like the rosebush this may take you years to figure out.

I think there is a "developing your abilities" article on the Articles section of this site that I wrote. Or you can take classes from one of my preferred psychics Pam Coronado. It's a very caring and nurturing process that makes students feel normal, safe and respected. I get nothing for referring her, I just personally enjoyed the classes when I took them myself (I took the psychic detective class and the developing your ESP one).

Hope this helps.
beginnerp (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-16)
Thank you for your response. I would never share such hurtful things with families etc however I am seeking to understand why this persistent nagging feeling is coming over me. Is this something to do with this gift, is this normal? One reason I am so cautious about bad things is because after my interpretation with my husband about his mother, we were afflicted by something evil in his apartment. After we moved out, the evil visits stopped.

Are there any resources that help you develop these skills?
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-05-16)
Your instinct/intuition/gut feeling has not let you down in the past so why would it now? However, unlike communicating to your husband about a mother's love, it is quite a different story to try and seek out the relatives of this person and share with them their terror and panic. I personally would not like to imagine a beloved family member's final anguish. Unless you are given a specific message then I'd let this one rest. I'm just sorry that you have to have this dream in the first place and with so little you can do about it.

As for developing this, you're going to have to get off the fence as to whether this is in your belief system. Why God's gift to you would be "wrong" (especially since the bible is full of dreams, visions, talking bushes and goodness knows what else) is something you need to work out for yourself but you may want to address this before genuinely proceeding.

The door to both the negative and positive is always a possibility. The bible is full of stories of good versus evil. That's called life (ying and yang, light and dark, good and evil) and you can't experience one without the other. If you are truly fearful of experiencing something unpleasant, leave the door shut and just continue on with these occasional dreams and premonitions and let it be. Or you can face the challenges of life as many brave people do and take your experiences, spirituality and possible future guidance to others, to a new level. I wouldn't be here with websites like this and about five others if I had huddled under my bedcovers living in fear of the unknown.

Life is all about choices and these are yours.

As for why this is happening to you, this is between you and your maker. There are no accidents in life and you were meant to expand your consciousness and this simply is the venue. What you believe may not be all that is out there in this amazing and vast universe.

Thanks for sharing.

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