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Ghost On The Bus?


I thought I would share another experience with you all, this was not that long ago 2008, I had been helping to look after my aunt who was recovering from an operation, I was also in the middle of moving house and working full-time so as you can imagine extremely busy, I distinctly remember that it was a Friday with the weekend off. I had just left work and was going over to a friend's house for a couple of days before going back to my aunt's flat, I got on the bus in Rotherham town center interchange, not really taking much notice of anyone or anything I had enough on my mind at that time, the bus was filling up but not over crowded, the bus set off on its way out of town, a couple of minutes into the journey I had one of my strange feelings can't explain it, it's just when you know something's not quite right, not as is should be, I started looking round the bus at various people to see where the vibe was coming from, then I saw a man that I recognized from where I used to live a few years ago, something about him wasn't right, he looked agitated then he turned to me and looked me straight in the eye, I got a cold shiver that went right through me and new that something odd was happening or about to happen, feeling uncomfortable I turned away from him and stared out of the window, for awhile. When I looked back a little while later he was gone must have gotten off at a stop, Phew! He really creeped me out with his stare. I went about my business as usual, later I got to my aunt's house, after awhile we were talking she said that she'd been reading the local paper and the obituary page "poor old Johnny" she said, I knew what she was going to say but let her finish. "It was his funeral Friday"

Which was the day when I had seen him on the bus!

A week or so later I saw him again when I was travelling through to my friend's house.

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