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The World Is Too Much


I am well, burned out! My empathy is the catalyst for me not going anywhere the last few years. I will try to make this short and as sweet as possible.

My paranormal experiences have gotten stronger the last few years, especially the last few months. But I'll start with my first time experiencing the paranormal. I was 4. Hearing voices in my head on a Saturday morning telling me to (get up) I did not listen. Then all of a sudden a strong force completely turned my body around while asleep in bed. I was not scared though, because the presence felt peaceful. My first time feeling empathy was when I was 6. My half brother who has always been jealous of me had a friend over. They were both 15-16 at the time. I had happened to be talking on the phone to a girl at the time. His friend mentioned that I was cool. I felt this energy from my brother. I could sense he was thinking something evil. Its like what ever he thought took something away from me. Like a piece of my soul had left.

My 6th sense seemed somewhat dormant until I got to high school. This is when I started feeling peoples thoughts. I started feeling drained all the time. I could feel people attaching their soul to mine using my energy and leaving me drained. I could feel negative thoughts from people. And pinpoint where they were coming from. This would cause me to get bad headaches. When I would go to public places I felt scared. A great fear would come over me. But the beauty of this empathy is when a woman is attracted to me. This one woman, who is the most beautiful woman I have laid eyes on, would just be thinking nothing but pure thoughts. It seemed we had this psychic connection. She would send chills down my spine. It was a divine shower of love.

That's the only good thing about my empathy. Is that when a women likes me, I can feel it no matter how hard she will hide it. But when I walk into a room of negativity, I just start getting head aches, and I go numb and get drained. Certain people seem to stab me with their thoughts, and take pieces of my soul. It has been hard the last 6 years, not having the courage even to go to the mall. This has taken a toll on my love life.

Now the past 2 years have been extreme. I have had dreams that came true. I started feeling the presence of this guy who I went to middle school with that was brutally murdered. My cousin knew him too and mentioned his name one day in a conversation. I took that as a omen. Then I had a dream about him. In this dream he wanted to be friends. I finally got the courage to talk to him. He wanted me to open a window for him to go to the other side.

I started having out of body experiences. 2 were really scary and I jumped back into my body. One I did just by meditating.

I can read people. I can tell what major they are taking. It's like they talk to me without talking to me. It's like peoples aura tells me everything about them. I interpreted this one guys dream. He was shocked, actually scared of me. I smoke herb yeah. I was in this car with this guy making a transaction when all of a sudden I just said (do you have a gun)?! He looked at me kind of shocked, and I could tell that he wanted to lie. But he looked at me sternly and said that (yea I have this incase somebody wants to rob me). And he was honest.

Back to the paranormal. I can feel spirits. I get cold sometimes for no reason. Just a few days ago some spirit almost pushed me out of my bed. I was scared, and moved around.

The past few years I have been overloaded by this empathy that I feel. I have headaches everyday, and I feel drained after interacting with certain people or going to negative places. I'm starting to feel spirits. I have learned not to be scared. The spirits communicate with me now. I can deal with the spirits. But I just need a answer for this empathy. I feel drained, and burned out on life. Herb soothes my headaches and blocks off negativity for a minute, but after that, its torture again. I feel so tired sometimes, I feel num. This has caused me to fear the world, I have not advanced because of this.

If somebody has a way to counter my empathy please tell me. Just to stop people draining me, and the headaches. I have come to the term that I have to help people. As I say this I feel a good feeling. So peace and love to everybody! I just pray that someone can help me deal with this empathy that I have.


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Furallicah (29 posts)
16 years ago (2008-11-16)
In bubble I was reffering to more like a filter letting it out but not to much at one time.
sacredco (1 posts)
16 years ago (2008-11-13)
Hi there, very interesting note here. I can understand some of the things you've been going through. I just wanted to comment on the above message from Furallicah, please don't take offense but I wouldn't call what she is experiencing as 'powers'...they are more skills or gifts and perhaps I use that discriptive word too lightly. She has been placing herself in a bubble and perhaps that's one of the problems, she's been trying to surpress it all and it doesn't work does it. It keeps coming to the surface... You must get headaches as well on occasion. You feel drained because you are being drawn into and towards the spiritual realm and you've been 'fighting' this since childhood, embrace it.
~ psychic medium 😁
Furallicah (29 posts)
16 years ago (2008-11-12)
Normaly I would wirte out a good explanition but the only thing you need to do is learn to put your self in a bubble to contain your powers. Until you can learn to control them your self. Your to open basicly there's nothing wrong with it I believe the more open the better. But until you know how to contol the level of your abilitys I would try to put myself in a feild of energy to keep everything in and everything on the outside out. You don't have to do this but it will help.

Hope this helps you some.

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