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I'm a teenage girl and I think I might be psychic.

I can see ghosts and I feel deja vu constantly. Sometimes the deja vu is so severe I know what someone is going to do or say before it happens. My friend was the one who first caught on, and gave me a deck of cards. She told me to try and guess the suit of each one. I only got four wrong. I am very sensitive to others' feelings, and when I walk into a room I can sometimes pick up unsettling vibes about certain people in that room, or just the overall atmosphere, like I can tell if a fight just occurred.

One night, I experienced something I think might have been astral projection, but I'm not for sure (sorry, I'm kind of new to this world.) I was lying awake in my bed when suddenly I was somewhere else. It was like I was looking down on the scene. There was a Middle-Eastern man (at least, my mind told me he was middle-eastern) wearing a turban. I knew, somehow, that this man was an ambassador. He seemed to be showing a very beautiful girl around, with blond hair and a blue dress. She looked very royal, and she had a small tiara. Suddenly, it flashed down a corridor and I saw a gun coming out from behind a corner.

I came back to reality again and I was terrified. The entire time I was having the vision-thing I had been trying to get back to my own house and my own bed. I was horrified, and nothing like that has ever happened since.

I constantly feel like someone is watching me or following me, but that may just be paranoia.

I had an imaginary friend (well, horse) named Pegasus when I was little. He was completely and totally real to me, I remember playing with him a lot. He's gone now, but I've heard people say that that could be a sign of psychic-ness.

So, now, for my questions:

1. Does anyone think I might be psychic? I have no idea if I am or not, and it's kind of freaking me out.

2. My parents are complete Christians. I kind of am, but I don't want my parents to be all mad at me for looking into this kind of stuff. Any ideas on how to talk to them if it turns out that I am psychic?

3. How can I develop my abilities, if I have any?

4. Since no one knows me on this site, I just want to say that I cut myself sometimes. (SOMETIMES, so don't go giving me the talk) The friend who picked up on my maybe-abilities knows, and she said that it might hurt them. Is she right?

Thank you for all your help!

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haunted-mage-2012 (2 posts)
10 years ago (2010-09-17)
OH YEAH! Sorry. I forgot to say that I sometimes cut myself too. The first time was just curiousity though. I do honestly like pain and now my friends don't believe me when I say I'm not emo -.-" It's really annoying! Because I had an emo image for a while. And I am Catholic so I can relate to that too. I think that the church has wrongs and rights. I believe that they are right about the Holy Spirit being our ruler and protecter but they also need to concider the fact that not everything in the bible is true and sometimes you need to go with your instinct! The church may also be hidding many things from us that are classified information. Some of the Priests may not even know. It could be for power and stuff. But I am not saying that the church is fully lying to us. There are a lot of truth's in what they are saying. I'm justt pointing out that it is possible that they are hidding things from us... 😕
haunted-mage-2012 (2 posts)
10 years ago (2010-09-17)
WOW! I CAN TOTALLY RELATE! Except for in mine, I was half asleep and all of the sudden I'm looking down on my un-concious self. All of the sudden, I hear this teenage guy say, "hide this for me" and I get pulled back into my body.😨 I haven't any idea of what he was talking about. I woke up a few hours later.Well, maybe not even because when it happened it was in broad daylight. Ghosts have been talking to me all summer and when school started again it stopped. 😕 So yeahh. I do think your deffinatly psychic! It's not a bad thing! I've wanted something paranormal to constantly be in my life forever! And it really can help people...
GardenBalm (1 posts)
11 years ago (2009-06-29)
Hi there. You certainly have empathic abilities. The spiritual world is much more complex than we know. There is a christian calling where these sorts of gifts are manifested, sometimes referred to as a 'burden bearer'. I've only ever found one book about it called 'The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity' and there is a site. You should go there and read about it. Http://

I have this sensitivity too. You need to learn as much as possible about this so you can be a help and so that you don't get into trouble. You can't NOT have this gift now so you must learn about it.

Unfortunately the Christian church (and I am a born-again spirit-filled Christian) is closed and ignorant about many things. The church and wars and competition throughout history has done this. The Bible says only the Holy Spirit is our teacher. However people in the church will constantly tell you what the Holy Spirit is saying and his limitations. This is not so. This is YOUR journey, YOUR connection with God.

As I said though, you cannot now, NOT have this gift so you MUST learn as much as you can. There are also some other sites about spiritual sensitivity. The word 'psychic' has been put into the 'evil' box in the church. There certainly are things to be careful of but don't close out knowledge that will help you. However, personally, from experience, I think you need God's protection. I sound like a churchy now.

A VERY important verse in the bible is when God said 'My people perish for a lack of knowledge'.

God Bless You.
seer123 (8 posts)
11 years ago (2008-12-30)
Im not hear to give you the "talk" but cutting your self won't get you anywhere if your wanting to devolope your physic abilites. And to answer your questions...

1) I agree with Edmund I think you are an empath.

2) The nest way to tell your parents about your abilites is to be open and honest to them. Sooner or later They will figure something is bothering you, then what?

3) Meditation is key. Also, praying to your spirit guides (yes you have them) may also help.
Shakra (15 posts)
12 years ago (2008-11-20)
hey. Everybodys psychic to some extent. All that stuff is normal. And yeah to a lot of people that is psychic. Its just using your 6th sense. Having visions is also really cool and I hope you develop that ability. You can call it a gift but everybody has the gift, most just ignore it. But since you realized that, there's so much more you can do if you wanted to. And I don't get why youd cut yourself that does you no good at all. Oh well good luck
Edmund (578 posts)
12 years ago (2008-11-18)
Ry_Says_Rawr... It maybe that you have more of a gift for remote viewing than astral projection "just a hunch" and you seem to have empath skills. If you want to develop your psychic abilities or to further them you will have to stop the cutting because the emotional mindset that is placed on it will prevent development of psychic skills... So your friend is right... Even though your a Christian its not like you went to the store and bought some psychic abilities you were born with them... God gave them to you! 😁

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