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Talking About Val


Back in 2006 my friend Andrea and I were on our way to her boyfriend Kenny's house. When we got there and parked, I had asked her who was going to be at the house. Since I had only been there a few times and was still meeting new people each time, I was curious. She says "Kenny's mother Karen, and Karen's boyfriend Hoffa, Kenny and Hoffa's daughter Val".

I gave her a look and said, "Do you not like Val"? And she exclaimed, "How can I not like Val, I just met her like three days ago? How can I not like someone who I don't really know"? So my intuition told me otherwise and I said, "Well it seems to me that even though you just met Val, at some point in the future you are not going to like her very much". Andrea gave me that look like, yeah ok Jen. So I said, "Mark my words Andrea you are not going to like this girl, I don't know why but you won't." So we dropped it at that.

It has been three years since that conversation and about a year ago Andrea and I were talking about Val again and she was telling me all the reasons why she didn't really like Val since meeting her two years ago. So I said to Andrea, "Remember what I told you a couple years ago in the car when we went over Kenny's house?" Andrea looked at me confused and replied, "No, I don't remember." So I said, "I asked you when you said Val's name if you didn't like her for some reason and you told me you just met her and didn't really know her to not like her." "I then told you that at some point you would not come to really like her though I didn't know why".

Andrea then looked at me with realization and astonishment. She could not believe that what I had told her two years prior to that conversation would acutally come true. Since then Andrea has listened to me when it comes to my "gift" of knowing things and appreciates anything I tell her. Because most of the time I tend to be right.

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cashizlo (guest)
15 years ago (2009-01-31)
i have some moments like that were I'm with my friends and I say something jokingly, like I had a cd that wasn't working, so I threw it against a wall, and I said to my freind, I bet you a million dollars it will work (jokingly), then I put it in and it worked, OH MY GOD, I have had plenty of those moments, and a lot of the time my stupidity actually works

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