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One Place I'll Never Return To


I'm not exactly sure where this story should go, it has several elements in it that I may be able to put it as a ghost story or psychic. Please let me know if I've placed it inappropriately.

I will also apologize, the place I'm talking about is one where I lived for 5 years, hence there are lots of things to write.

We had recently moved into our new house and my folks were glad to finally be able to afford a home. To me, it felt more like a sleep over.

The first months we were there went by ok. I was to sleep alone in the basement, which didn't bother me much at first. I easily shrugged aside my unease as being childish.

More time passed and my parents decided to leave me home alone for the evening. That's when I started hearing the voices. Usually a woman's and rarely a man's. They called my name, as if it were a statement. It always came from the floor above or below. Convinced my hearing was playing tricks on me I'd start to sing instead. Depending on the song the presence would either dissipate a bit, or 'creep up' near me, causing my neck hairs to raise and a heavy pressure to be felt on my back. I only heard several things break once, it sounded like several glass bottles being smashed.

This became a routine occurrence whenever I was alone or watching my much younger sister. I started adjusting, half expecting to see several people as I walked down the stairs to my room. I hadn't heard my name being called in a while, until my parents had a party. I was running up the stairs every 10 minutes to see if my parents needed anything, only to be told I was just hearing things.

Later into the night, dad admitted to seeing an elderly lady sitting at the base of their bed at night. Feeling comforted, I was no longer as scared of the presence anymore.

A few incidences happened when I had friends staying over, they always though the house was great and felt very comfortable and at home. My first friend confronted me with having a white figure floating above me as I slept. Another day I had awoken my friend due to several large swirling lights about 10 feet away from us, she instantly feel back asleep leaving me to stare as they disappeared.

I was putting books away one afternoon when the familiar pressure increase came again, I blinked and saw myself from behind, kneeling before my bookshelf. I was then rushing forwards. I released a shaky breath as my eyes shot open. I felt threatened. That was the first time I asked what ever it was to go away, the pressure diminished.

I found out from my inquiries that dad only ever saw the elder woman, my mom and little sis never experienced anything odd. That's when I started asking myself if I was crazy.

A week or so passed, nothing out of the normal routine occurring. One night, I feel into a trans-like state (after inquiring father about my 'floating and falling', he thought it to be astro-projection) my body felt weightless and I wanted out. I had managed to float a little higher, when I leveled my vision I came face to face with a eyeless, old woman who's mouth was agape, her hair was floating loosely around her. I panicked and fell, it felt like several feet. When I 'landed' my body gave a jerk and I was covered in sweat.

Later on that week, I felt like I was being watched. Terrified of seeing the woman in real life I opened my eyes a crack only to lose my breath. Around my bed were dozens of shadowy figures forming a half circle around me. The shorter ones in front of the taller ones.

Those nights I feel asleep in the middle of prayers.

I know I'm not supposed to write about dreams, but this one was odd.

It felt like I had left my body behind again, everything appeared hazy around me. Upon the couch where the swirling lights were sat an old woman, playing solitary. Upon her lap was a pet I had lost. We ended up talking throughout the night.

The next day I awoke to my surprise, in bed. I was sure I had fallen asleep on the couch. When I got the curage to tell my father about the dream, he told me that I had described the old woman at the foot of his bed perfectly.

These are the main things which happened to me within that building. To this day I'm scarred of what I'll experience if I try to go to places with odd lights, figures and voices.

Here I end a piece of my past, thank you.

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Sora_no_Gin (1 stories) (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-09)
I do remember some of the conversation the elder woman and I had, she just wanted to reassure me that she meant no harm. I am quite gratefull for that strange dream, though it does not explain the other occurances I have written, nor the other dreams with the same 'feel' to them. Thanks serenity and LightningsHope, I shall put more consideration towards these dreams.
serenity (10 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-05)
i have to agree with lightningshope... Dreams are important and can help with everyday life.
LightningsHope (2 stories) (11 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-05)
As much as the place says don't tell about dreams. If you pay attention most of the times dreams can help give you valuable clues to life in general there like a relfection of what's going on at this point in your life.

Dreams=Very important

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