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Ever since I was in about 5th grade, I have had these horrible dreams. Things that I couldn't have even imagined have appeared in them. And I will have like 5 dreams in one night. Not many of them have come true because I don't know exactly how to interpret them but a few have and parts of others have come true as well.

Last night I had this dream that felt so real and thought I would share it. I was babysitting this little boy with blonde hair. And we were at a park or something. He had to go and use the restroom so I took him into the women's restroom with me. When we came out, there was this man and I have no idea who he was. All I know is that I felt evil in him and I saw something in him that was very bad. I told the little boy to not talk to him because he was a very bad man. And the man said to me from a distance "you're a medium aren't you!" And I replied by saying "yes" but then was afraid that he would know the truth and tried to change it and said "I mean no" (and for once I could see this man's face... usually I don't).

I walked with the little boy down the sidewalk for awhile telling him not to ever talk to the man again. Then I turned for just a moment and the child had disappeared. I knew that he had gone to see that man because he had lost his gum... (I had bought it earlier for him). When I got there he was making the child watch his parents have sex.

Sorry if the last part was too much for you. But see, this is really weird because first of all, I'm not a medium, I can't see or talk to dead people/ghosts. And second of all, I don't know where these thoughts come from and I don't like having bad dreams every night. I think that the child in my dream might have been from my church. I've been volunteering for vacation bible school. But I'm not sure.

If any of you have any tips that can help me stop dreaming horrible dreams like this please comment to me because I don't choose to see murders and violent things. And sometimes it's like I switch bodies with someone and see what they see and feel what they feel (in my dreams) but I'm positive that I'm an empath so I guess that's not weird to have in my dream.

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Abby (99 posts)
17 years ago (2007-06-01)
Dear alilysthorn,

Your dreams may be your subconscious wanting to tell you something you do not wish to confront while you are in the waking state/awake. I have found from my own experience that the best interpreter of a dream is the dreamer. I feel you have some issues and fears you need to take a look at and confront. If they are dreams that reoccur, they will keep doing so until you do confront them. You can simply ask each night before you go to sleep that you want to know the meaning of the dream. If you wish to avoid the dreams, you may also choose to ask for more positive dreams. My dear, you are always the mistriss of your dreams and your waking life. It helps to have a journal and journal your dreams and various thoughts. Look for the answers in between the lines you write and the dreams that you dream. Blessings, Abby

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