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Numerous Shadow Sightings


What follows here is a hopefully comprehensive list of the shadow entity sightings which surrounded my one year relationship with my then lover, commencing around July 2006, and ending in august of the next year. The original format for this came up in a reply to a question posed by academylin, and I think that some clarification as to this most spiritually active portion of my life may well prove interesting to the wider community here in general as well. This was my baptism of fire with regards to the occult, and when I finally admitted that I could do what I could do, and do it relatively well.

I apologize in advance, because this is going to be a long one.

I shan't name my ex of course, or her village, though it was long known for it's paranormal phenomena, seeing as it was in close proximity to the Hellfire Caves, a paranormal hotspot if there ever was one, and the neighboring village is a major centre for Quakerism, the burial place of William Penn and has a real 'Stepford Wives' feel to it. Both villages, while small, punch way above their weight in ominous vibes, especially at night, and they both feel like there's something nasty bubbling under the surface, waiting to strike.

The first event involved a dark, shadowy figure which seemed to be especially tied to an ancient oak tree that sat surrounded halfway up the side of a steep hill in the medium sized city closest to her village, a place we often met in the early days of our relationship as she still lived at home with her parents and had yet to introduce me to them at that time. The tree itself was a gnarled and diseased old specter, surrounded by smaller trees on all sides which conversely positively glowed with life, and looked bizarrely enough like naked women, in various contorted positions of either agony or ecstasy. This had become our 'make out' spot, and the essence of the smaller tree's themselves seemed to make us welcome, possibly even fuelling our passions, though we fought hard not to go too far so soon into our relationship.

The clearing was what I call a wellspring, an node of nature energy which had, to my mind at least, been corrupted by the presence of the essence which had become trapped in the larger tree. I saw the shadowy entity which I assumed to be responsible more than once, usually running exceptionally fast around the outside of the clearing, but considering that my outlook at the time was far more skeptical and bloody minded than I am now, my reaction was, comically enough, no more spiritual than to call the entity out for single combat and when that failed, urinating up the side of the tree, much to my ex's giggles.

Heh, I'm lucky to be alive.

For a few months everything was quiet, and I was soon introduced to my ex's family and began to spend the weekends up in her village, traveling by train from London as regularly as I could. Almost as soon as I traveled up there I began seeing creatures which I had assumed at the time to be shadow people, though subsequent research has made me question this first diagnosis of late.

My ex and her brother regularly saw them too, and their descriptions seemed to tally surprisingly well with my own. They were vaguely humanoid, though naked and sexless, almost like a child's bad drawing if they were playing with Sharpie's. All straight edges and very few actual curves, no distinguishing features and an odd, mist like way of moving, almost as if they were swirling or oozing as opposed to actually gliding, keeping to the shadows wherever possible and disappearing completely when behind intervening terrain. They were also seen moving through the branches of the trees, and as you can imagine such a manifestation was unbelievably unnerving for all concerned.

The one which followed me back to London showed a slight variation, and made itself known to me as a hunched, solid shadow, eyeless, bent almost double with long arms down to its knees. It had larger than normal hands, almost like paws, and what appeared to either be long fingers or thick, blunt claws. Now I never actually saw this one, though I felt it, and this is the image that my minds eye conjured up both at the time and now when I try to summon up the memory. Something was definitely there, and the fact that it shorted out the street lights while I was walking along the canal-side, and caused a burst of static which sounded deceptively like a growl over my mobile phone while I was using it at the time of its appearance made me quicken up my pace and get back to civilization as soon as possible.

My attempts to remove these shadow entities from my ex's village failed miserably, as I was coming from a purely herbal/crystal based methodology for the most part, and my flat refusal to dedicate myself to a given god or goddess, despite a few close calls, left my confused and poorly researched take on witchcraft without a patron deity, and therefore ineffective at best. My moving over from general witchcraft to more free-form chaos magic helped a little, but again I was hamstrung by my desire to work alone, as it never sat all that comfortably with me to put my destiny in the hands of outside agencies. I did what I could though, and helped her to come to terms with what was going on in her local area, though we broke up due to family and distance pressures before I could complete my work.

And more than a few arguments about the occult as well.

There were many other occult events which occurred while we were together, as the both of us have the dubious honor of having very paranormally active pasts, though they will have to wait for a separate entry, for reasons of both space and clarity. Suffice to say that the shadows, be they shadow people, demonic entities, thought forms or simple low level lost souls won that round, but will not win the war. I have since dedicated myself to the control of my psychic gifts and spiritual self defense, and while I do not actively look for trouble I will be more than ready should it decide to come and find me or my loved ones again.

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VulpesVulpes (guest)
12 years ago (2009-02-23)
Hiya academylin. Yeah, long time no speak eh?

I've been busy elsewhere on the internet, setting up my new LiveJournal account. P&ME is OK, but way too slow for my tastes, and with nowhere near enough personal control over the content, especially with regards to my joint interest in both psychic abilities and modern magick, a connection that is rarely seen here but can be found over at LiveJournal. I'll still be popping in here occasionally, but I think that as far as those needing help and advice here, you and a couple of others have got it more than covered, and I can do more good elsewhere.

And yes, that was a compliment, so take it as such!

If you feel like stopping by to see how I'm doing over there, my LiveJournal is under the user name vulpesoccultist, as vulpesvulpes was taken, though I think that I prefer vulpesoccultist anyway now that I look back in hindsight. Definitely suits me.

Anyway, I'd better go, got articles to finish and post, research to do. The usual. You stay safe, keep searching, and I'll speak to you soon.

academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
12 years ago (2009-02-19)
Hi there Vulpes, nearly missed this, have been being a "good mother" half term and all, haven't made it to the comp and there are loads of good storys here at the mo!

Conversley, was researching types of elementals recently and the Dryads are the tree spirits I could find the link for you if you were interested, interesting research on unfriendly tree spirits... Let me know and I'll dig it up! (irony)

And yup, I knew I'd found it somewhere, the nature devas are ruled by the nature god Pan. Isn't Pan relative to the Devil, or "another" name for him, I wonder if this ties in with the nasty air of these which you experience, thinking aloud, bear with me!

Also, these kind of elementals are often "fruity" "horny" you know, so I wonder if you actually attracted them out by "making out?" A "voyeur" tree spirit!

Have you reached a conclusion as to what these humanoids are then yourself, are they thought forms, entities or what, have you decided which, or do you think they change?
I think the fact that they appear as manifestations to you is an amazing gift!

See you on the flip,
Love Linx


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